Monday, May 19, 2014

weekend update

The weekends sure fly by when you work saturday.
Friday after work Doug and I had counseling, we talked about the (few) things we have different thoughts on, and we practiced communication exercises like saying something, and then the listener has to say "I hear you said ____" and "I can see how you feel about ___", kinda feels odd to do, but the focus is on listening and hearing your partner. And it works. Then I ended up making dinner and later fell asleep while watching our Redbox rental of The Nut Job. Kinda silly. I'd say save your $1.27
Saturday after work we did a double date, where we made dinner together, then talked and ate, and walked downtown for frozen yogurt. I looked over to Doug to see his froyo was mountaining out of his bowl, and asked if he knew that at that place you pay by the ounce. Whoops! He enjoyed his 14 ounces of frozen yogurt, haha. It was a really fun night.
Sunday after church we drove out to Ann Arbor. My cousin had invited us to a recital her children were playing in. I wanted to take Doug to my favorite AA restaurant. I hadn't been there since my bro was at U of M there forever ago, but they still had my favorite sandwich. Delicious chicken salad melt on a homemade english muffin. Mmmmmm.
(sandwich eaten too quickly for photo)
Another cousin joined us for lunch so that was nice
And the concert was really good too
Those kids were talented! Especially the one in the white shirt on the far right :)
Today, back to work. And then testing out the new gym
I was kind of irritated because first day and I hadn't brought my locker so I had my bag right next to my machine and between another (blocking NO ONE) and I was all alone in that section. Anyway, long story short, was informed of "company policy" of no bags on floor, so left 5 mins early.
Anyway. Came home and tried another recipe from the girl whose recipes are borderline blog-reading-enders for me. But this one was good. (and seriously, click on her link, how does she make her food look so AMAZING?? while mine always looks rather blob-like)
You had to top this dish with a poached egg. I have never made one, so I googled a recipe.
Oh wow, who can resist this scrumptious looking egg?!? about anyone
So my dinner was instead topped with a fried egg and fresh basil from the new plants Jill got for me from the farmer's market
It did take several pots and pans to make this dinner, but it was quite tasty.


  1. Ooooh that dinner looks incredible!! What is your fave Ann Arbor restaurant?! We should meet up there sometime! :)

  2. It was tasty! It's afternoon delight in aa. It's wonderful! You guys go there often? I don't go too often but I now have a couple cousins down there so might go a bit more this summer :)