Tuesday, May 6, 2014

easy as pie

Doug came over on saturday and brought me these:
We watched the movie Labor Day last week (book- good, movie-ok), and I felt inspired to make a pie. I wanted peach like in the movie, but Doug voted apple, and since he went to the store to buy the fruit, apple it was.
He was in charge of the apple prep
I got to wrap my arms around him and teach him how to use a peeler (he of course made a Ghost joke)
Hey! The guy in the movie looked much more romantic to make pies with!!
turns out you can google the 'pie dough recipe from Labor Day', but not sure I would make again. It was ok. I don't know, I don't like crust anyway, usually I just only eat the fruit/filling anyway and leave the empty pie shell.
they looked like they would overflow
from another recipe site you made a sauce to pour over the apples
And finally we got to enjoy it!!
the only thing "easy" about pie is eating it, it took us an hour or so to make it, but it was fun baking together :) and come peach season I'm making me a cobbler!


  1. Annne! If you make a peach cobbler and I don't get a piece, our future, potential friendship is over!!! Lolll...! ♥

  2. My mom and I watched tht this weekend too!!