Friday, May 9, 2014

recent eats

my friend Jenna said she doesn't see enough posts about my meals...
not that a cookie is a meal per se, but made this batch for my school friend's bday. mmmm, mostly vegan and threw in the last 1/3 of a jar of pb
it almost was a meal because I ate some dough and 2 cookies!
Becks and his spring haircut. Liz came over last weekend to hang out with me. She was very impressed and commented on Becks and his new sassy kerchief. She always makes me laugh with her commentary of Lord Becks sitting upon his throne (the back of Jill's chair) in the window looking down upon all the peasants (whoever is walking outside).
I made butter chicken for Liz and I
and a batch of molasses ginger cookies
this week I tried making a breakfast casserole. I struggle with breakfast ideas and no matter what I eat I'm always growling a couple hours later. Anyway, this seems good cause I can freeze squares and easily take some with me to work. To make this I used a tube of turkey sausage on sale that I browned, about 3/4 a bag of frozen o'brien potatoes (the one with peppers and onions), a square of that frozen spinach thawed, about 8 eggs, and a half container of cottage cheese. Seemed like a good mix of proteins and healthy carbs and a bit of iron with the spinach.
and tonight's dinner for Jill and I was sweet potato fries with a dip made from sour cream and cajun spices (from 5 guys) and baked chicken salad. Quite tasty, especially the cajun fry dip!
ONE MORE WEEK of school!! (until mid/late August) so I'm busy with studying and online quizzes, reading, homework.
And this weekend is a wedding of one of Doug's friends and celebrating my special momma :)
happy mother's day moms!!!

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  1. I love breakfast casserole!!!!! The one you made looks amazing! My go-to breakfast casserole is and it's so versatile! You can switch out the cheese and veggie and it is so filling! My fave switch is feta and spinach but I also love switching out cheddar and turkey sausage to really hold me over!