Thursday, May 15, 2014


Another semester down, one more to go! Well after summer break that is. First I wished that we could go straight through, instead of coming back for just 8 more weeks, but it's not even an option, so I will enjoy having one-last-free-summer-before the cold cruel world of full-time work.
I say that, but actually my plan is to work full-time at the hospital this summer anyway. But I do have a couple nice long weekend vacations planned, and I am excited!!
This summer my plans are to:
- Devote a couple hours, a couple nights a week to studying for the NCLEX exam. I have 3 study books to work through.
- I'm debating joining the new Planet Fitness by my house. I actually prefer home workouts, but since I'm an afternoon exerciser with my work schedule (not gonna wake up any earlier than 5:30!) I can just go there on my way home from work. Besides, it will be very hot here in the condo in the afternoon time and Jill will be home and has better things to do than watch me sweatily hopping around. Haha. Plus I called over and they have the new stairmill (looks like a set of stairs) which I absolutely love. Lately I am totally not feeling running. I've been on 2 runs in 2014 and only one of them was even decent. Doug wanted me to do the Warrior Dash with him, but meh, not really interested, especially at almost $75 or whatever it was. So I will be a good cheerleader instead!
- Really looking forward to summer trips! Up to the lake with Jill, Florida in June, Colorado in July, up North in August, and meeting my friend Jill who now lives in Missouri halfway between our states in Indiana to camp and meet each other's boyfriends. Not to mention any other trips up North and boat rides I can get :)
- I'd like to re-read my Mark of the Lion series I got for my bday last year, I have some craft ideas, I want to make good food, and I want to spend time with this guy.
Something tells me it's going to fly bye too fast!

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