Thursday, May 22, 2014


This week has flown by pretty fast. Monday night watched Bachelorette with my church gals, it was great to see and hang out with them. My girl-time has seriously been lacking thanks to school! So watched that and then slept at my friend's house since she lives very close to work. Tuesday was Bible study at my friend Rachel's church. It was a good study on Ruth. I felt a little strange because part of my wedding vows had been from Ruth, and I had meant what I said. But I guess again it comes down to the fact that it takes two people to have a marriage. Anyway. Rachel always makes me some kind of delicious dinner, and sends me with leftovers. I spent the night at their house after the study since they also live close to work, and Rachel packed my lunch:
Some kind of delicious vegan noodle, white bean, leek, garlic and onion concoction with salad, homemade croutons, and homemade vegan ranch, and roasted broccoli. Yum.
Wednesday I went over to Doug's and we made scrambled eggs and random side dishes from the stuff his roommate left in the freezer when he moved out. Thanks for the green beans and spicy fries, Phil! We got icecream and walked around his neighborhood. On the way back to his house we stumbled upon this scene:
which kinda looks like a bunny masacre, but is really a mommy bunny nursing her little babies. awwwwww
Doug made a joke how he always thought bunnies nursed behind a big screen, which was a reference to how at my church we used to have these partitioned walls up to make it look like all the people were sitting together and it wasn't a huge auditorium with no one in it. Anyway, one day our pastor announced they were going to remove the walls with expectation that God would fill the seats. And in a very Ty Pennington-way, my pastor was like 'take down these walls!' and it was a neat moment, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about how nursing mom's used to sit back there and I thought it was cool because they could privately nurse and still hear the message. Anyway, as the walls were being ripped down I was whispering to Doug about the nursing mother's being like "oh!!" as they were suddenly exposed. So anyway, I was laughing at his bunny nursing room joke.
Doug wanted to get close to the babies, but I had recently heard a bunch of nurses telling horror stories about their cats bringing baby bunnies home and I didn't want to attract any attention to them.
Today I got out 15 minutes from work which made a world of difference traffic-wise so I wasn't quite as grumpy coming home. (It takes me 30+ minutes to get there, it should not take over an hour coming home!) I made potato salad for a friend hangout tomorrow:
And I made these granola bars from my favorite blog girl, altho I would say "I've had better".
(In fact these by her are amazing!! I guess they're more like a cookie, but SO good)

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  1. Sorry I didn't make your lunch like your friend Rachel, haha!

    Also I love Doug's nursing bunny joke. So true!