Monday, June 2, 2014

this sandwich could change me

I'm not really a sandwich eater. I will take one in my lunch if I'm desperate, and I do like grilled cheese and stuff from subway, but high school Anne ruined sandwich eating forever. Everyday in high school I used to eat a half sandwich with 2-3 pieces of that super thin turkey (not even a full serving size) and a slice of cheese. And I ate it warm-ish right out of my sitting-in-my-locker-all-day lunchbag. Thinking back I can see why I was so skinny back in high school. Every morning I'd have a cup of milk, a piece of toast and an apple. Or the occasional lucky day when dad would make me eggs and potatoes... miss those days! I would take all of these things into the shower with me while I was getting ready, I'd set them on the far ledge of the tub and take bites occasionally. I don't do this anymore, but I still eat breakfast in the bathroom most mornings when I'm not eating it at work. Anyway, I didn't eat much but I don't remember ever feeling hungry either!? Supply and demand I guess.
Anyway, on to the sandwich. A week or so ago someone posted one of those things on facebook, 52 meals under 12 minutes. And I made a note of a few to try, one was this:
And I was thinking, hmmm, oniony oiled beans? But I made it, and it was delicious
Yum. Really good.
This weekend was a quick one since I worked Saturday. I got to meet my friend's beautiful new baby, went to church with Jill, and spent a bit of Sunday bike riding and walking on the trail with Doug. It was a lovely day.
I also made this:
I'm not the best chili maker, Jill makes a good one, but this time Doug was nearby and told me to put rice in it, and it was pretty good. Lots of beans, lots of protein and fiber!


  1. YUM! Your posts always make me hungry, ha! The sandwich and chili both look so good. I'm a HUGE sandwich lover, you should try toast with half an avocado! Life. Changing. Also? Hard boiled egg on toast is soooooo good.

  2. You should tell my mom about your non love for sandwiches. She also can't stand them. She also gets teased regularly about her picky eating habits. You think Tom and I are bad? Ha! Also, cute baby is available to be held on Monday nights! Don't forget!!