Wednesday, June 4, 2014

just around the river bend

Doug took me kayaking yesterday in the river that goes through our town. It was a lot of logistics first of leaving cars at one end, and carpooling to the other end, etc, but it was worth it I thought.
I have kayaked before, in lakes, and even on a river once. He might not have guessed that from my kayak skills demonstrated yesterday though. He put my boat in and instantly I was in these choppy waters and into a big overhanging branch. Another time the loop on the end of my kayak for carrying it got stuck on a branch and I watched Doug getting further and further away while I was trapped. He paddled upstream to get me, then swam over to free me. My hero! It was really peaceful and beautiful on the river. We saw ducks, a family of geese, a crane, and a deer that was probably 8 feet away sitting in really tall grass and thinking we couldn't see him.
Even with all our logistical planning I left my bag in the wrong car so had no change of clothes, and a wet bathing suit bottom so we just went to taco bell for dinner. Doug had been wanting to introduce me to some cinnabun ball things they have, yum. And then I went home only to realize I couldn't find my purse. I became convinced that I had left it on the table and was looking everywhere, even in the pantry and freezer. So finally I remembered I left it on Doug's table. And as I start out the door I realized he was probably almost home and would bring it to me. So I didn't want to leave and then miss him midway. Jill said I could use her phone to call him, but I don't even know his phone number! Shame! So I fb msg'd him and he was on his way. My hero again :)
Tonight he came over for some beef and bean enchiladas I made with roasted pepper (thanks Phil!) sauce. It was ok. Needed toppings. And we just sat on the couch and talked. I was trying to get a picture with my boys, but we took like 20 and Doug was making some silly face in EVERY one. This picture's theme was 'let's yawn like Becks'. (only Becks had stopped yawning by then)
Actually in most of the 20 pictures Doug's face is a version of this face, even though the rest of the theme was 'take a good picture together' haha.

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  1. You guys are so cute!! Kayaking sounds amazing, I need to add that to my summer goals! :)