Monday, June 23, 2014


Just got back last night from a quick trip to FL to visit my sister. It was over way too soon!
My flight was 3 hours delayed getting down there, but this little old guy whipped out his accordion and made the waiting a bit more enjoyable. Finally landed close to 1am, and in bed at 3:30am! Wow, not used to those hours anymore!
Thursday we woke up and did this intense stair/running exercise. My sis, her husband and I looked for wedding dresses (fail), and then we went to pick up Doug after the business conference he had been attending was over. We went out to eat at Senor Frogs (overpriced) and walked around a bit.
The next day went off to a great start with breakfast at Chik-fil-A. Delicious.
And we headed down to the Kennedy Space Station.
I touched a moon rock
Doug ate astronaut icecream
They were going to have a rocket launch, which would have been awesome to see, but it was postponed because of weather. Too bad
The next day we went swimming with manatees
I was pretty terrified to get into the water. I just don't like swimming where my feet don't touch, and the water was cloudy, and I don't like going underwater. I kept making Doug blow more air into my lifevest thing. We were with a mama and baby manatee, and the guide pulled my hand over to touch them. Then after that it was pretty cool. But I mostly liked it when I was back on the boat and could just see them nearby and Doug got back in and I would tell him they were over to his left, etc. But it was a nice day. The rest of the afternoon was rainy so we didn't get to go our river tube thing my sister had planned. We went back to their apartment, my sister made a yummy dinner, and then we went out to The Villages and walked around, got icecream, sat and talked.
Sunday was our last day. Johnny took some engagement pictures of Doug and I in this area with beautiful spanish mossy trees.
Then we went to a beach near Tampa for a couple hours. So short time and my shoulders are feeling the burn today! Ow!
The water was warm and beautiful, it was so nice.
It was a great trip and the first time I've been out to see my sister since she'd started her traveling therapy job, so that was really nice to see her. And I get to see them again in 2 weeks, wahoo! That never happens!


  1. Wow! What a fun trip!!! I love that dress!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a fun time, wish I coulda been there.