Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Update

I feel like my blog post titles are so lame, it's always 'weekend update' or 'catching up'.... but that pretty much is life lately, school, cooking, and work! It's not all that bad though, I like all those things :)
This weekend I had plans to go dancing with one of my girlfriends from church. So the day comes and she said her brother (who was going to come with us) wanted to go downtown instead because one of his theater friends was doing a one man performance. So I'm imagining comedy, or even my mind went to imagining him with a drum strapped to one leg, a horn on the other, a harmonica strapped to his hat, etc. I guess that's a one-man-band btw. Anyway, so we thought it could be fun and we went.
Yeahhhh.... the first few minutes was him laying on this big block with his back to us pretending to nap. I was whispering to my friend, did I just pay $10 to watch a guy take a nap?? I mean you seriously never know these days what people consider "art". Someone even had on facebook today about a guy in Russia sat naked on the street and nailed his balls into the ground and put out a little sign that read: A naked artist, looking at his balls. Which actually when I read the article I kind of respected this guy. Anyway, back to the theater... eventually he did start talking and then it was an hour and a half of him ranting on and on in a series of tangents with absolutely no storyline, no plot. And 3 separate times he said something like "and I went to the toilet, and I vomited, and I vomited" as he crawled around the floor in his gym shorts and hanes white tee and laid his head on a big block and fake puked. It was crazy. At the end of the performance I refused to clap, well then he was looking right at me, and I clapped twice, but in my heart I only clapped in thankfulness that it was over. So yeah, won't be doing that again. The rest of the night was fun as we made fun of the show and went out to a bar and got some good snackie stuff. My friend was flirting with these bar guys at the table next to us and they told me that when I went to the bathroom one drunk guy had said: I'd give her my last name, haha, oh yeah, still got it.
Yesterday I had to skip church to go to the NICU. It was a good experience, had a great nurse but saw some sad stuff that continued to reinforce that I don't want to work with babies. A 1 lb baby that they said was going to die any day and a baby going through withdrawal (it's been 2 months now) cause mom did drugs during her pregnancy. Sad!
Then I had another dad/daughter dinner date. We went to Applebees and got dinner and talked. It was really nice, good talks with Dad about relationships, work, loneliness, and life. I felt like a big jerk today because I gave him an empty jar to take back home from tomatoes my mom canned and gave to me, and in there I had put a mini snickers from my goodie bag and gave to him because it's his favorite and I don't really like Snickers. Anyway, my mom who has been gone for 10 days calls me today and said she was eating a snickers and thinking of me, and I was like 'hey, that was for dad, the jar was for you.' So rude! I don't think she took it that way exactly, but I laughed about it later as I felt like a jerk. Hey why don't you go can me some more stuff. I think a mom/daughter date is in order!
Since I had to do that school thing on Sunday I felt like I didn't even get any kind of break at all this weekend. Sunday is the one day I get to sleep in past 6:30, and now it feels like forever till the next sunday.... oh well.
At clinical today I saw my first vaginal birth. Scary. First I stood in the hall listening to her screaming for several minutes. Then my teacher got permission for me to come in and the first thing I see is a little head coming out. And fluid spurting. And the nurse was yelling because mom was digging her nails into the nurse's arm. And then dad was yelling because mom turned her head and bit him in the stomach. Yikes! So then baby was born. And doctor is down there delivering the placenta and then he is yelling at mom 'stop moving!' as he pulled by her little cord coming out of there. Apparently he was going to cut something, but she flinched and I think messed up whatever he was about to do. He later apologized. I don't know, I haven't given birth before, so I was thinking mom was entitled to do whatever she needed to do- but my teacher said that was unusual. Actually I believe the phrase she used was 'that mom was like the exorcist'. Anyway, ouch! At the end of the day the mom thanked me for being so kind to her. I was kind of surprised because all I did was get her new socks and a gown and got some food for her. I really hope that that won't be her only kindness during her stay :(
Tonight I made dinner and tried to catch back up on my studies.
stir fry with lo mein noodles
cranberry chocolate chip muffins


  1. That birth story was insane!! I read it out loud to Tom. Glad once again I will be having a c section. Wanna come watch? Haha. Also those muffins look legit. Recipe?

  2. What an eventful weekend!! That one man show sounds super weird and the way you told the story cracked me up! I miss you!
    YES! It is the Timesaver weights video and I like it a lot! It is hard!

  3. Lol, refused to clap. That is so you. :) I am the same way, my claps have to mean something!

    Glad you and dad are having some time together, that sounds nice.