Wednesday, November 13, 2013

first snow

Tuesday we got our first snow! It didn't really do much, besides tack on a few minutes of chipping my car out of an ice block to my morning routine. I want to add a new scraper to my Christmas wish list, I just don't know if I can make it that long! I don't know when mine suddenly turned to crap, it worked last year!
I had some car tire drama this week. A couple months ago my tire was completely flat and I went and had belle tire look at it, and they said that there was a burr on the rim and it created a slow leak. So $20 later it was fixed. The other day, I was driving along, minding my own business and someone is yelling out their window to me that my tire was flat. I said thanks and continued on my way to a party I was already late too. A few miles later another kind Samaritan also told me that my tire was flat. After the party I filled it back up with air and went home. The next day I went to belle tire and asked what was going on. Anyway, there was a dent in the inside of the wheel rim and that was creating the leak. So I could either buy a new wheel, or ship mine out to be fixed (for $50 less). Who in the world is out there throwing away good money on a perfectly fixable wheel?!? So in a few days it will be back. Meanwhile I am driving around on the spare. The guy was like, don't go over 50. And I was like, oh I'll be going over 50, I still have to go to work. I should have asked the signs and symptoms to look for if something bad was happening! Oh well, I think I'll be fine. It was just irritating when I already took care of this issue, and now I have to ask people to do their job again. At least this guy was nice and said he'd reimburse me for the last 'repair' cost.
Every car issue just reinforces my desire to take a few auto mechanic classes after I'm done with nursing school. As I was at the counter talking about the tire problem, I was trying to differentiate between the tire and the wheel, so I'm telling the guy 'that silvery part' and I see him getting a little smile, and then I ask him if wheel and rim are the same (they are), and then he was like 'but you can call it 'that silvery part' that works', I don't think he was making fun of me, but I felt kinda silly. Anyway, hopefully my spare hangs in there a couple more days and hopefully it will be fixed for good!
Lately Jill and I have heard some scratching coming from the AC unit. Jill investigated yesterday
But we didn't see anything, so it remains a mystery. I'm too chicken to take the AC panel off or turn it on.
Lastly, I feel like this OB/GYN part B is really tricky, so I'm trying to study more than usual :(
My little lap warmer keeping me company!


  1. Ugh sorry about the annoying tire problems! SO annoying!

  2. Hahaha, as I was reading that I was thinking "Who in the world would wait that long to have the rim repaired!?!" haha, total opposites. I guess for me, they say time is money, but for me time > money. But also I forgot about the spare and thought you'd have to have a rental car for that time...

    The thing is, even if you were a trained car mechanic, you would have saved only the cost of diagnosis, which probably wasn't much. You'd still have to send it out for repair yourself. So now you saved the $50 diagnostics fee, but paid tens of thousands in community college tuition, not to mention two more years of life gone.. :) Trust me, I understand the feeling of wanting to do everything yourself (I do that too), but it is far better to just pay for some things and save the time and hassle.


    1. It's obvious someone has never been to community college ;)

    2. No but you're probably right I can't be so obsessive about wanting to do everything myself. But on the other hand I think some of it is interesting!

  3. Yes, definitely interesting. I guess maybe I am overbearing cause it's a lesson I myself have learned. I tend to convince myself that interesting things will also be practical or economical, though often they're not. But, I guess we all have to learn that lesson on our own. :)

    My cost of comm. college makes me think of Lucille from Arrested Development when her housekeeper is sick and she has to go shopping herself: "How much can one banana cost, ten dollars?" hahaha