Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today at work I almost had this scene from Monty Python:

Luckily I didn't say it, but I was sure this old guy was an old lady.
I cannot figure out what is going on with my patients, and why so few of them have teeth. Everyday I say to myself, stay in there teeth!!!
I passed another class, ob/gyn part a. One more section to go and then Christmas break! Woo, I am excited. I'm super excited to meet this beautiful baby girl!!! (shout out to Sarah the most amazing photographer I know!)
In school-baby news I'm finding myself not that crazy about ob/gyn. I'm kinda surprised because I always loved those TLC baby story shows, but this isn't that great. There is sooo much charting and boring make-sure-the-hospital-doesn't-get-sued that is just such a shame as I feel the time could be much more valuable with actual patient care, and labor coaching and teaching. This one birth I saw the first labor of it and mom was on bed writhing in pain, dad and daughter (who knows why she was there anyway) were watching cartoons, totally ignoring mom. And nurse looked at the monitors and left. I think I would like it if I were the midwife and I was at some home-birth, but I'm not crazy about this hospital way. Plus the smell of blood... shudder. But I guess it's good I'm seeing what I like and don't like, as otherwise I've liked everything and haven't felt much direction for a future specific area.
Made a few foods this week:
Thai Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers .... lots of chopping, and just ok :/ not nearly as good as her other veggie burgers that I love
Jill's recipe of chili, topped with store-brand 'fritos' (not as good, but good-enough and saved $1, haha)
Also this week I made my box for Operation Christmas Child!
My favorite thing this year is the glow-in-the-dark build-it dinosaur skeleton :) ... and I like the harmonica. I hope some 5-9 year old boy somewhere out there has a good Christmas this year!
And tonight after a long day at work, and evening at clinical I came home and found this:
Jill met with her mentor tonight, who brought over candy bags, and one for me too! Awwww, so thoughtful. I may or may not be typing this with a chocolate mustache right now :)


  1. YAY! We are doing our Operation Christmas Child box next week. I always love doing it!! :)

  2. Bahaha. Chocolate muatache! My favorite enabler!! I already ate half my bag. :)

    1. Awww, Jill's first comment? I am not an enabler! Lol, if I were stuffing it down your throat maybe. You're a big girl :)

  3. And hey! Did my link not show up? :(

  4. Joel here, I don't think that's so much a hospital vs. homebirth thing as a that-dad-sounds-like-a-lame-husband thing. I cannot imagine leaving Michelle alone like that during the most physically challenging time of her life. Get a babysitter for your kid, dude!

    With our birth, we had a doula with us the whole time. Not a midwife (doctor still delivers the baby), but it was awesome having the doula there. So, that might be an option for you (someday), rather than the home birth.