Sunday, November 3, 2013

weekend update

Another weekend blew by. Friday I worked and totally just vegged out on the couch watching tv with Jill after I made dinner. I tried a new recipe, white bean and chicken enchilada stuffed peppers.
sauteed peppers, onions, chilies, cooked chicken, cheese, and enchilada sauce
And dessert, vegan cranberry crumble bars.
simmering berries, OJ, and maple syrup
crisp! very tasty. I wish the cranberry layer was a little thicker, I'd prefer a 2:1 ratio for next time!
Saturday I worked. I am really liking my nurse tech job. I've stuck my foot in my mouth a few times with patients, but most interactions have been really positive. I had this funny lady in her late 70s telling me about mammograms and she literally mimed smashing my boob between her hands. Use your own boob for the demo, lady! haha, and then she said the plate smashes your boob so flat you think it's going to pop, "like a zit!" she said. We did laugh, but OW!! Thankfully that's still a ways away.
After work I had an hour or so to kill and I was just wondering what to do when I got a text from my dad asking if I was free for lunch. So we met up at Red Robin (yum) and got lunch. I'm pretty sure it was the first time in my entire life that we had a dad/daughter lunch date, (we have a great relationship and all, but just aren't lunch people I guess). Anyway I loved it. And then we did a facetime with my brother, his wife, my mom who had just flown in to CO, and my new baby niece Molina! That was fun. She's so precious!
After that I went to a Thanksgiving dinner party. Yes, a bit early, but a couple from my church hosts an adults-only party and this year I went. I was really glad I did. I brought dill potato salad, and vegan ginger cookies.
(I was a tad irritated because I hunted down that ginger and then after I made it I notice the recipe asked for crystalized ginger and my bag was uncrystalized (or viceversa) anyway, what's the difference and where do you find that!?!) but they were tasty so I guess that's all that matters.
Anyway, the food was awesome. The friends and conversation were great. One point I felt really bad because I had just met this new girl and there was a group of past/current nursing students and we were talking about catheterizing patients and practicing on the dummies. One guy commented his class had a male mannequin and they would just switch the 'gendered anatomy' but sometimes it would be black on a white dummy, etc. And she said something like she would have taken it home, and I smacked her hand when I was laughing and made her spill her coffee all over her shirt! I felt so bad! Luckily she was super gracious and said something like she felt like that was God smacking her for saying it. Haha. It was really fun and I was glad I went.
Sunday I went to my church, it was super good. I've been alternating churches a little bit. I've been a few times to one that is closer to me, but mostly because it has Sunday school and Bible studies. I love my church and the people there - I just wish we had Bible studies!
The rest of the day has been laundry, and catching up on homework!


  1. Those peppers look incredible! I want to make that, yum! Cute pic of you and Beks!

  2. Anonymous guest here... oooOOOooo
    Is it a secret admirer?

    Nope, just your brother. :) Still can't comment from work anymore so this'll have to do.

    1. Lol--- yeaaaah pretty safe to rule out any secret admirers