Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Update - with pics!

This weekend did not have enough studying in it, but it did have lots of good times. I spent some time with Jill and Mr. Becks eating popcorn and catching up on Downton Abbey season 4, now all there is is the Christmas episode! :( they need longer seasons.
At some point I made crockpot cream cheese chicken chili, this recipe is super good. This time it was a little different because I did some substitutions with things we had, but still super tasty.
I also decided I need to be eating more vegetables. Besides carrots. At meijer the other day absolutely nothing was on sale and I see the typical bag of carrots in my cart. So I went over to the loose produce section and see a huge bunch of kale, locally grown even, for $1.49. So I got it. I'm not that experienced with kale, but heard good things about vitamins, etc, and I know that it is a hearty plant that grows year round. Anyway, I made this salad with some ken's asian sesame salad dressing, cranberries, sunflower seeds, and avocado, and it is super yummy. Wishing for goat cheese, but still pretty tasty without.
And my mom brought me over a bag of goodies the other day. My friend Liz made this awesome homemade applesauce in the crockpot, so maybe I will try that with mom's orchard apples.
What else have I been up to...
I went shopping for my sister's bday, and while I was there I found a brown scarf that I really liked :) I was looking for something brown with a print and I really liked this one, it has gold threads through it too. Pretty.
I haven't had my overwhelming urge to bake cookies lately, but did make the cranberry crumble again. Yum. Although this time I ran out of maple syrup and it is a bit more tart that I would like, but still good.
And makes a very tasty breakfast on top of some yogurt.
I've also had a lot of longer study sessions intruding on my cooking time, and therefore quick tasty dinners.
Becks didn't get any.
Saturday I went rockclimbing with some new friends. First we met up at the house, it was a typical bachelor pad
The rockclimbing was really fun and I had a good time. I really like 'sports' where there is no pressure and I can just do athletic-type things, I'm pretty good in that kind of situation.
Sunday was church, my friend pointed out to me the church budget cuts, lol
Yesterday in class I learned how to start an IV (for the record, some of that spilled 'blood' was there before I got my turn). But we're not allowed to do it in the hospital as students, so probably won't do it for real until I get a nurse job.
And then last night I went to book club. None of us had finished the book, so we just enjoyed dinner and talking (as usual!) and rolled the book over to next month. The friend that hosted last night has this great Salvation Army by her house, so Liz and I stopped in before dinner, and I found something I have been looking for forever...
Liz pretty much handed me this shirt as a joke, but I was like "YESSSS."
Team Edward!

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  1. 1. Love your new scarf!!!!
    2. The Chicken Chili looks so yummy, I need to try it!
    3. The Sharpei pen cracked me up!
    4. Name the date and we will go line dancing!!! Miss you!