Friday, November 22, 2013

it's friday... friday...

Today was definitely a cookie day. It's been a long week, and a busy past couple days.
Exam on wednesday, 92%, woo-woo! Work on Thursday was busy, this lady was coming out of her anesthesia and trying to get out of bed to go use the bathroom. We can't let them up right away because they are a huge fall risk. So we finally convince her to use a bed pan, and the second we get out of there to give her some privacy she gets out of bed and tries to escape. So I was holding the curtain shut and trapping her in there! Her mom was in there with her (the patient was 36, and about to become A GRANDMA) and she was crying and swearing up a storm and pooping on the floor. (That part couldn't really be helped though, she did just have a colonoscopy...) Anyway, I guess she was a ex-drug addict, and one thing we learned in mental health was that if a person does something to kind of stop their development (like start doing drugs) their development is trapped at that stage of whatever age they were, and I totally saw this in action with this grown lady who was crying and yelling at her mom like a teenager. Sad. Then I had to leave that drama and go to my clinical. Which went good, until my one classmate was watching a birth and apparently fainted. Our teacher got an emergency page over the hospital intercom to take her to the ER because when she came to, she couldn't unclench her hands. So we were all super nervous. I got a text last night from her saying she was ok, and I guess because she must have hyperventilated before she fainted, it did that to her hands, but how scary!
Today work was fine, just busy. I have to say making the beds is my least favorite part of my job. Otherwise, I really like it a lot, and think it's a great fit for me, and I love talking to the patients and trying to help them feel less nervous or at least that someone cares about them for a few minutes. A few people have told me they think I'm going to make a great nurse :)
Ok, so this was my night:
(not pictured: small fluffy dog licking a beater)
And some dinner
Jill loves me, she buys turkey sausage
and an applesauce attempt that remains to be tasted
And I'm thinking my socks might not be able to make it till Christmas :(
I actually found myself humming 'please Christmas don't be laaaaate' as I took this picture :)

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