Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend in Pictures

Friday was my last day at work, tear. It was suuuper busy and I felt bad leaving a bunch of loose ends for the new girl. But I tried my best! My boss got us that Shish-Ka-Bob place I like for lunch even though I told him not to, he surprised me with it. It was so tasty. Then after work the office girls went out for chips, salsa and drinks.
I got some coconut cocktail: rum, coconut cream, lime and ginger. Too much rum, need more lime! But it was fun to hang out with the girls.
Friday night me, Jill and 2 of her friends went down to Oktoberfest, sat in the beer tent, got some beer.
Jill's friend putting his booty in my 'ombre' beer picture
But we didn't stay long, we came back to the condo and Jill made popcorn and we played Smart Ass. It was fun.
Saturday I got my oil changed.
It's a good thing I was out there talking to oil-change guy because look what I saw
Wah wahhhhh
So he fixed it for me, and I took this creeper picture, haha
It's ridiculous how excited I was to see him again, but then totally failed at flirting. It's probably just as well though, God has one rule about dating and it's don't be unequally yoked, so no real getting around that one. But I did like him. And it made me sad when he told me he HAD called me when I was in Guatemala, I just never knew because my phone was off and it only tells me if they left a voicemail. Anyway, he high 5'd me and that was that. Big sigh.
Jill says maybe I get excited about him because I know he's not a real option, and the guys that potentially would make good husbands make me nervous. I don't know. Or maybe I just don't like those guys. Who knows.
After that I went to The Healing Garden with Jill. A woman has these beautiful gardens and a few times a year she opens them up to the public and has Bible verses and you wander around and read the verses. There are places to sit and rest and journal and read your Bible. It was really nice. And such a beautiful day. Much journaling was done about boys, and my future, and asking God what He has for me in every area of my life.
Later at home Becks and I enjoyed some more fresh air and watched the world go by
I also finally installed the deer whistles on my car
what the heck scissors?!?!
Saturday night I did homework and Jill's friend came over. More popcorn was eaten, more Smart Ass was played. Fun.
Sunday, church. Then I went up to my parents for lunch. Good talks with Mom & Dad. Dad told me that I need to quit comparing everyone to Andrew. He says this perfect version of Andrew that is still in my head somehow is a fictitious version that does not exist, and probably never did. I know, I know, I just don't know how!! It was good talking to them though, I really value their opinions and guidance. This was a big popcorn weekend because we had popcorn as well (mom and I made kettle corn, mmmm) and we played Trivia Pursuit. Fun times.
And fall is on it's way!
Tomorrow I go to "on-boarding" for my new job and I start on Wednesday! Yikes!

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  1. Gotta love awesome, wise parents! :) So excited for this new chapter of your life - best of luck at the new job!!!!