Wednesday, October 2, 2013

let there NOT be light

So anyone following along over the last year knows by now that I am a very light sleeper and was having a hard time with the light that came from the street lamp right outside my window. I finally think I have it under control!
I had this ghetto cardboard box in the window for probably 6 months (sorry Jill!) and I even tried foil (too rustley)
That does look pretty bad. Recently my friend Jenna suggested a new idea, so I tried that
One ugly long tablecloth from the salvation army
Painstakingly lining it with duct tape
Sewed it up, and hung on one of those tension rods
Sewed on little straps with velcro on the other side so I could roll up the window
And there it is. I had to get a heavier duty tension rod so it wasn't so saggy in the middle, and I still have to use my 'light blocking' curtains in addition, but MUCH better.
I still have ol' clanky heating pipes that I can't figure out, but I ordered a 'shake awake' alarm clock on amazon that goes under the pillow. I hope it's strong, usually I wake up every morning face down and like a foot under my pillow for some reason. Anyway, that way I can wear my earplugs and hopefully not sleep through work.
Speaking of work, my first day at my new job went pretty well! Some nice people already, and I hope to soon be in the swing of things and learning and trying to be as helpful as I can be. Although I do miss my days of on-the-job facebooking and blog reading... oh well, it was good while it lasted!


  1. Nice work! I'm so glad it's working!! Good call on the Velcro straps! We roll Anna's up and secure it with a chip clip lol. Your idea is much smarter. Glad your fort day went well! Are more yummy meatloaf today. I discovered it's also great with Sweet baby Rays BBQ sauce haha.

  2. Great job on your new light solution! :) Also, so good to hear your first day of work went well! YAY!!!!