Thursday, October 10, 2013

catching up

What a long week.
But good news, I think I passed another semester!! Grade-wise I am totally good, but I've had a hard time this semester with my clinical instructor. For the long run, I think her comments will be beneficial to me, but I have been feeling excessively scrutinized and I heard 3 separate times this semester that she was warning me that she would fail me. I was getting ready to plan my own stay in the mental hospital! :( but tonight was the last exam, and I have an extra assignment due on Monday, but she told me today she is not going to fail me. Whew.
So catching up on the ol blog.
When I was downtown last week for my new job orientation I went running on Belle Isle. I love it there.
The skyline after my run
The becautiful building where I had my reception
The gorgeous view as I drove home. I love it there, and I'm happy I can go there without too many sad memories.
Last weekend I went to the wedding of my old co-worker's daughter. Here we all are, Suite 400 gals:
Me & Cristy, I miss seeing her everyday at work!! :(
I got to bring these beautiful wedding flowers home. It was such a fun wedding, it's been a few years since a wedding so fun. Such amazing food, great music, we danced all night. Good times.
Also last weekend I went to a Switchfoot concert with my friends Matt & Rachel, they got me the tix for my bday and took me out to eat at this Belgian brewery. I got this amazing steak salad with goat cheese. I am loving goat cheese, I don't know what was wrong with me avoiding it all these years??
The concert was pretty good except the first half was this film they made of them on a guys trip surfing and 'getting inspired' to write new songs. It was good, but a little long. It needed to be a higher live music to movie ratio.
This week has been so busy with work and school.
You know you're busy when you put your apple core under the car seat and notice a small collection is growing.
And you notice your car is otherwise filthy.
But work is going well. I am feeling like I already am mostly getting the hang of what I'm supposed to be doing. And I've had some good feedback from the charge nurses that I was doing a good job and being helpful. Yay! And today one of the volunteers said she observed me with a patient and I was really kind and 'professional', I think it was so funny she specifically used that word because earlier in the week my nursing instructor told me I wasn't. I should have asked if I could get that in writing ;). I felt really anxious at work today because someone came in that I knew and I don't think they recognized me, or I think we both realized who each other was at the same time and no one wanted to say anything. I wish I was better in those scenarios. No matter what they think of me, especially since I don't know what version they heard, I still want to come across as kind and compassionate and true to myself. Anyway.
After work and before my exam today I met up with mom for lunch. I talked with her and she prayed for me. I love my mom. She is such a wonderful source of wisdom and always encourages and supports me. I'm so lucky.
She gave me another bag of beets and carrots from the garden and told me to cut off the deer bite marks
Hilarious. I can do that! Get your hooves off my carrots deer!! These things are so tasty roasted.

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