Monday, October 14, 2013


What a wonderful weekend!
I have been trying desperately to recreate the ginger molasses cookies that I had at that tea shop last weekend. Batch 2 was better than batch 1, but still not quite right... not sure what else I could tweak! :/
Last week at my clinical my classmate and I were walking in and saw a little therapy dog. She was so sweet, and when I looked closer I saw she was wearing a name tag badge. And then I looked closer and she even had her picture on it! LOL, so precious!
Saturday I worked in the morning, and then went to the cidermill with Jill, her friend, and Becks. It was a beautiful day and we got cider and donuts. Which we then had to fend off a swarm of bees to enjoy!
Later that night I had a date night, with my parents :) Mom and Dad brought over delicious pizza then we went to see Captain Phillips. It was so good!
After that we went to a dessert place downtown and got fancy mochas and split chocolate cake and listened to live music. It was a great date :)
Today was the last day of clinical, I passed!, and next up is OB/GYN. I'm excited.
I'm enjoying fall, this sweet little guy, and the beautiful changing colors!

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