Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Ramblings

Today I thought 'woohoo, it's friday!!' and then I remembered I have to work tomorrow. So, wah-wah average day. After work I came home, ran, made/ate dinner. Tonight I watched this show called Undercover Boss. It was so good!! This CEO of a froyo place, Menchies, pretended he was a new hire or something and (secretly) evaluated a bunch of people that worked for him. He totally busted this snobby teen girl who was like 'pretty people shouldn't have to work' as she made him sweep the floor. Then later he was incredibly gracious and told her he wasn't going to fire her but was going to send her to this leadership training thing, and then at the end you see the 'where are they now' and she quit and wants to be a professional dancer... yeah... good luck with that. Anyway, I was so impressed with this guy. If we had a Menchies here, I would go to it!
Work is going pretty good. I like the people there and am feeling like I'm getting the hang of it. I feel like I'm being helpful to the nurses there, and some of the patients have seemed to like me. This one nurse calls me 'baby girl'. I like it :) Today I had to tell a cantankerous old man that it's not nice to call people 'polacks' but other than that I've been having good interactions at work.
Tonight's dinner, a favorite, butternut squash burritos:
I wish I could win a 'butternut squash for life' contest. I love them. I love fall when mom gives me ones from her garden, but I think that supply has dried up already. Noooo!! I also love cranberries and keep stalking the grocery store to see if they're in yet. Come on cranberry bog people!! Get farming!
Earlier this week I went to book club and met my friend's new baby girl. I had made her a frame and this onesie to go with it:
Liz hosted bookclub and sent me home with some leftover soup. It looked like mud, but it was very tasty. Some kind of butternut squash soup with herbs and molasses. Hers had donut croutons to go with it, my leftover version had tasty TJ's crackers and cheese. These crackers are really good, but I dare not get attached as everything I love from TJ's seems to get discontinued :(
Also from earlier this week, I have discovered that I am a stress baker. I had an exam coming up and what was the first thing I did when I got home from school? Hit the books? No, make cookies.
Luckily I can usually count on some of my nursing classmates to help disperse the calories. I just really like the baking part for some reason. And oh my gosh, my co-worker brought in her husband's cookies today. So good. Chocolate chocolate chip with oreos and cut-up mounds bars in them. Yum. Must recreate...
Speaking of nursing school, I saw this hilarious thing on some website:
So true, and so hilarious if I sent it to my professor from mental health last semester who gave me such a hard time about suicide!
Also earlier this week, this happened:
My robot phone decided it had better things to do than help me text while driving. So sorry to disturb you Siri!! You just let me know when you're ready to handle my 'requests'.
(otherwise loving this voice-to-text thing! it can even do emails, and hard words! I've been testing it, supercalifragilistikexpialidocious came out perfectly ;))
And finally, just when I thought I couldn't get excited about movies coming out... I saw this and it totally redeemed itself....
And it's real Lloyd and Harry this time, none of this prequel garbage. SO EXCITED!!! And how am I just hearing about this??? Anyway, date TBA in 2014. I wish I could watch it with my brother and sister together, that would just make my joy complete.
It's so funny they're bringing back old cancelled stuff. First they make a new Indiana Jones (granted it was terrible), then more Star Wars movies (meh, cgi like crazy, altho I liked young Yoda and hot Hayden Christiansen (minus his not-hot hair braid)), then a whole new season of Arrested Development (also on the fence about those too).... LOL as I'm typing this I'm realizing I've ALWAYS liked the old ones better... but maaaybe this time it will work ;) it also makes me wonder what other old faves are going to make a comeback.... Punky Brewster?... Saved by the Bell?... that show I loved where the girl had an alien dad and would put her pointer fingers together to freeze time? I wish! But for now I will remain very excited and optimistic for Dumb & Dumber To. :)


  1. I love that alien dad show!!! I can't think of the name for some reason but I immediately started singing the song "oh would you like to swing on a star, whoa whoa whoa, something moonbeams home in a jar, whoa whoa whoa, or be better, off than you are, whoa whoa whoa, or would you rather go to earth? An earthlibg's a creature as something something..." That's where I trail off. Oh just remembered! Out of this World!! Such a great show. Ok that's enough.