Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm an AUNT!!!

October 21, 2013 at 6:18 am MT, little miss Molina Grace came into the world tipping the scales at 6 lbs, 12 ozs and 19 inches long.
I don't even remember now, I had talked to Michelle on Friday night or something. Asked marathon questions, talked a bit about her upcoming labor. She was feeling fine, ready to do it. I emailed her the stuff I had just learned in class of tips to know when labor is on its way.
Sunday at some point I got a call from mom that they were going into the hospital!
Then heard nothing all day.....
In the evening called mom and she said things were moving slowly and they told her to get up and move around, so I guess she did. And I think she eventually got a little bit of Pitocin to help move things along quicker since her water had already broken.
The next morning I wake up, run to my phone, nothing! Call mom, she hadn't heard anything either! So off I go to class and when I checked my phone on break I had a new baby niece!!! Michelle's sister had texted Elizabeth and I to let us know all the details. Later my classmate was like 'who's that baby you keep looking at on your phone?' My new niece!
It's kinda fun going thru OB/GYN now in school at the same time as a new baby is coming. Already I know how to assess baby and calculate how many calories they need, and what percent is too much weight to lose. Not that any of this new found wisdom can help of course since this new baby is 1200+ miles away! :(
But I'm very excited to celebrate this blessing in my brother's life, he and Michelle will make such great parents. And I'm also very excited to go visit them over Christmas!
awww... baby girl's so tired!
Molina and Mommy:
(I think that photo is so beautiful)
Molina and Daddy:
haha, she looks like she's squinting... is that you Dad? ...I can't see too good....
Go team!
Joel and Michelle combined their names ( ala 'Brangelina') to be Jochelle to refer to themselves, but what will they be now? Mo-jochelle? Jochellet? Jochellina?
Thank you God for this beautiful blessing of a new life, please be with Joel and Michelle as they love and care for this little girl and encourage her to someday put her heart in Your hands!


  1. She is precious!!!! Congrats on becoming an aunt!!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Anne! Becoming an aunt is such a great feeling!