Wednesday, October 16, 2013

things I made

Well I've started OB/GYN and these past few days have been a blur of reading 8+ chapters and doing the study guides. It takes SO LONG!! But hope some stuff is sinking in.
My friend just had a baby girl a few days ago. Normally I like making baby hats, but I haven't felt like doing that in awhile. They also take so long! And I haven't been on any road trips as a passenger in awhile, (the best time for knitting, when not taking naps :)) But while studying the other day I felt an irresistible pull to craft. So I took a break and made this (well, during an accumulation of 2 days of study breaks):
cheap craft frame from wal-mart + fabric that I think is so beautiful + decoupage glue
glued in place
cutting out letters from felt, I wished I could have done it in cursive, but I didn't know how to cut it out
all done! (but does anyone else think that "C" should be bigger??)
I wanted Psalm 139:13-16 on there, but ran out of room, whoops!
Hope she likes it. I'm going to make another little something to go with it, but I have to wash the fabric first.
With this new schedule I'm done at the lawfirm :( but for the next 8 weeks at least I have more time built into the work week to study, and will be at the hospital working on friday and saturday. So far I like it. It also frees up a little time during the day to hang out with this little guy.
Although that still means he spends a lot of time either up on his window seat while I'm studying, or on my lap while I'm studying, at least he's not always just alone in the bathroom.
Today we enjoyed the brief afternoon sun and went for a little walk.
beautiful sky! (I'm always on the quest for the perfect facebook cover shot)
he's getting fluffy :)
Although I should be more careful about talking about Becks and I as "we". My friend Brigetta once dated this guy who was so weird about his dog and was always saying stuff like 'we ate dinner' and 'we like long walks on the beach' and me & Brigetta always made fun of him like 'why don't you go marry her then!' I love Becks, but I don't want to marry him :)
Recent eats:
Scrambled eggs on toast with carrots and this new awesome TJ's chipotle hummus. I like how when Trader Joe's makes something mexican-ish they call themselves Trader Jose's :) makes me smile
"When Kroger makes you buy a bag of lemons instead of just selling them one at a time, make lemonade" .... turned out quite tasty actually
"When life makes you want to eat cookies"... jk, but made these toasted peanut butter chocolate chip ones today. Very tasty indeed. I'm at a place where I want to start making all the recipes I've printed out over the past months, if it's a good one it goes in my binder, if not it gets tossed out. This one is a keeper!

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  1. Glad everything is going so well! I totally get the dog thing, I don't say "we" but I realize I talk about him a lot and I need to tone it down, ha!