Monday, September 9, 2013

Free Day

This morning as I was getting ready to go to clinical I turned my phone on and had about 5 messages telling me our instructor was sick and we don't have to come in today. Yay!
The heater noise is back already, and that combined with trying to get to bed earlier last night, worrying about not waking up in the morning, and 'busy brain' kept me awake long into the night and I would have been a huge grump anyway.
So now I am at the computer, with a little Pomeranian on my lap researching clocks for deaf people. They have an alarm clock called 'the sonic boom' which I'm not sure I want. And they have ones that put a little vibrating thing under your mattress and shake your bed awake. But might be a good idea, then I can sleep blissfully unaware of all these noises with my ear plugs in, and still not worry about sleeping thru my alarm, and missing school/work/etc.
In other news, I got a new job!!! My friend from church literally created a job, asked the hospital to approve the position, and recommended me for it. WOW. So next month I will start in the hospital as a nurse tech. I got the official call this morning and am very excited. It will be great experience and really be a great foot in the door for when I graduate. I am a bit sad thinking about leaving my paralegal job. I actually like what I do, and am good at it. And I love my co-worker Cristy. I will really miss hanging out in her office everyday and talking to her so much. I hope there will be some nice people at my new job!
This weekend was a good one. Hung out on Friday night with my friend Liz. Saturday I had an awful migraine for a good part of the day, so random, but it had cleared up by the time a few friends came over for game night. We played Mad Gab and Smart Ass and ate this White Pizza Dip I made. Sunday I helped out with my church baptisms, I really didn't do much, but it felt good to be a part of a church where Jesus is moving and bringing people to Himself. Like 10+ people made decisions during the service to believe and be baptized. Awesome.
After church I made corn chowder with donut croutons. I just found the chowder recipe online, and toasted donuts Liz gave me from the cider mill. I wish my soup was a little thicker, the recipe called for 2 potatoes, but I didn't have any and used butternut squash chunks which didn't really break down like I had imagined. But it was tasty, quite tasty in fact with the donut croutons :)
Mmmmmm... fall food!

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