Friday, September 20, 2013

Recent Foods

Another day, another time blow drying my hair at work
Slept in a bit this morning, I was having a random dream about Andrew. I've been thinking about him so much less. During the divorce I thought about him like 99% of everyday, and now most of the day goes by before I think 'huh, I haven't thought about Andrew today at all', until just then when I think about him to realize I hadn't thought about him yet. But I still miss him, the good parts anyway. It's been over a year now since I last talked to him. It always strikes me as crazy how he so easily erased me from his mind/life. I'm jealous.
Recent eats
This may look unidentifiable and/or disgusting, but when blended, it is the most delicious drink ever. Oh my gosh I love this thing. Overnight you soak oatmeal and chia seeds in almond milk. Then add pumpkin, a frozen banana, spices, molasses, and I add a scoop of protein powder. So good.
The other thing I made this week was Chicken Enchilada Pasta. Yum.
Simmering in the pan
With a side of mom's garden green beanies.
I really need to find recipes that make a lot of stuff but are still cheap. That pasta makes probably 6-7 servings, but once you tally up all the ingredients it costs like $16. And I made a big pot of chili and same story, like $14 for all the ingredients, but it made about 8 servings. It's almost cheaper just to go to Wendy's. And their chili is better than mine!
Today my boss is taking me to his favorite Mexican restaurant for the laaaast time, and then next week will be my last week as a paralegal. Tear. Then on to the next life chapter as a nurse tech!

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  1. I love enchilada pasta! Yum! Also, so proud of you for not thinking about Andrew as often and starting a new life chapter next week! YAYAY!