Thursday, September 26, 2013

I never learn

Ok I have GOT to stop making dinner on night-before-exam-study-nights. I already got home late yesterday from work due to traffic lights being out. It turns into a 4-way stop people, not hard! And by the time I let the dog out to pee, made dinner, ate and cleaned up, let the dog out to poop, it was 8pm.
I always think it’s going to be something I can just whip up, or stick it in the oven while I do other things, but it never is. Always when it’s in the oven, I have to use that baking time to chop something else or clean up the first part of the dishes. Sigh.
So anyway, I hope today’s exam will go well! I kept dozing off when I was going through my notes :/
My nursing school friend posted this on facebook, not that I was looking on there when I should have been studying...
If only it were that easy! Lol

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