Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Vacay

This weekend I went up north with my parents to visit my grandparents and other family. It was a great weekend. Their city was putting on a Christian music festival with free concerts, testimonies, etc. I went out two nights with some aunts and cousins and sat on the lawn and heard wonderful music. The first night was
(is he using a tiny head as a period in this picture?? that is odd)
This guy that used to be the lead guy from the Newsboys. LOVED it, it was a like a blast from the past, and we were all singing along. It was really fun.
The next night was 10th Avenue North
They were good and the guy had a really great testimony, but my favorite was the Newsboys guy. It was just more fun.
It was a really great time to catch up with cousins that I don't see very often, and to talk more in depth with my aunts and uncles. My aunt was telling me that she was proud of me, and I felt really affirmed and good. It had been a bit hard feeling like all I saw were couples everywhere I looked at the festival, but I have to put it to rest knowing God knows my heart and my desires, and to keep my focus on following Him.
So then yesterday was back to school for a 'lab day'. I got called into the hall for the second time by my teacher. This time it was for saying something about how I was hesitant to use restraints on patients. So the next thing I know I'm being grilled by my teacher in front of everyone and she went on and on about how I'd just let them die if I didn't restrain them. In the hall she said that she could fail me for this because "I wouldn't help people". I was quick to assure her that I would, I'm just hesitant because all they ever taught us so far was that we have to ask permission before we ever touch a patient (and legally if you touch someone against their will that's battery) but now they're saying I have to tie them up and shove tubes wherever necessary --- which one?!?! So she said I have to forget everything I know about paralegal and that if I did have to ever go in front of a jury they wouldn't care if I had to restrain someone, if the end goal was saving their life. So now I have to write a 5 page paper on restraints. So that stinks, but I've been researching all morning so hopefully it will be a kick-a paper and I'll finally know the truth about restraints :)
But it was scary. I don't want to fail! :(
It was such a long day and I came home with a horrible headache. So quick, easy foods were in order.
turkey bacon and green beanies with my staple spices of S & P, garlic powder, and cayenne
rolled up the bacon with a fried egg and cheese
cut up these peach my friend Liz gave me for a crisp
the crisp toppings of oats, spiced walnuts, coconut oil, cinnamon
quite tasty!
and I vegged out watching The Bodyguard, which I didn't really care that much for, but it was a nice break from school work!


  1. I'm glad you had fun up north and went the Cheese Chanty, did you love it?!

    Oh man, your teacher is intense! Sorry friend :( You are going to write a kick butt paper and show her!:)

  2. Ok that restraint thing is crazy because there are many hospital places where you aren't allowed to use restraints and even putting up all of the bed rails is consider restraint and against policy! Found that out with my grandma who kept falling out of bed. Ridiculous!! You got this Anne, no worries!! Missed you this weekend but that festival sounded great!!