Monday, September 16, 2013

Cider Mill

Another weekend come and gone much too quickly.
Friday night I watched this 9/11: the falling man documentary, free on hulu, about the people who jumped from the world trade centers vs burn to death. Oh my gosh, so sad, I was crying. I don't know what I would have done in such a terrible moment I can't even imagine. Some families were angry and said their loved one would have 'never jumped', as if they chose to die that day, so unfair. I liked how one documentary guy worded it as instead of struggling to breathe thru the flames and smoke- he imagined they breathed deeply and stared at a perfect blue sky.
Saturday mom and dad stopped over for a quick visit. I miss them. Never get to see them enough. As usual, mom dropped off an armful of fresh garden produce. Green beanies, beets, carrots, a butternut squash and tomatoes. Yum. Thanks mom for keeping my grocery bills down!
Later my friend Cristy and her dog Nelly came over. We took the dogs for a walk, and then went to the cider mill and got cider and doughnuts. SO GOOD.
I thought it was hilarious Cristy came over and we were wearing rivalry shirts!
Becks stole the show on the walk
She went home, I did some homework and then got a text from an old church friend inviting me out to fireworks. I have been making more of an effort, and especially the last couple years of being alone, to say 'yes' to the things people invite me to. I do like being with people, but it is sometimes hard for me, especially new people, so I have to force myself to sometimes. But I really felt like I was back. So I called Cristy back up, and she came with me. It was fun. I don't even remember Sunday, I'm going to guess it was church and homework, sounds about right!!

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