Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vitamin Z

Our zoo is getting creative with its advertizing and encouraging people to get 'vitamin Z' by going to the zoo :). I went after work last night and my friend treated me to an evening at the zoo with her, her daughter, and some other friends. (thanks Jenna!) it was fun.
these gorillas were huge, kinda scary even
this must have been a popular rock to sit by because as soon as the first gorilla vacated this spot, second gorilla came right over to sit by it
the gardens all over the zoo were so beautiful
maybe you can't tell, but first I accidentally walked into the kid's tiny toilet stall. Which I thought was a good idea. What I didn't think was a good idea: the kid's toilet stall had a purse hanger, the adult toilet stall didn't!
Anna really wanted to see the 'horses' at the zoo, maybe she meant bats cause that's what her ride was, haha. For some reason I thought it was hilarious when Jenna told me her favorite spot on the carousel when she was a kid had been the bench.
pretty flamingos
peacocks running loose
pretty fountain
sitting watching the kids run laps
then Becks and I back to the grind!
I for sure have to go back to the zoo, still so much to see!

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