Friday, August 2, 2013


32 - flirty and thriving? Ever since 13 Going on 30, I looked forward to being "30, flirty and thriving". Then the first third of 30 was good, and the rest was the worst year of my life. 31 was mostly getting back on my feet. 32 is looking pretty good so far! I'll probably never be super flirty, just not me, but I can see some thriving in my future :)
Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't have to work, so I started off the day with a run. Went pretty good for not running in 2 weeks, but I need to get training for this half marathon!! Then I went and got a massage. My friend had given me a gift card 2 Christmases ago, and it was time! I told the lady I liked hard pressure, and now I'm paying the price. She kept saying "I can't believe all these knots in here don't bother you" rub rub, dig dig, and today my back hurts! Then I went over to Liz's house to help tidy up since we would be having my game night there.
I felt so loved by my friends that came out! We had cake and icecream and a few snacks.
Last year mom and I had a chocolate cake bake off, this year I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and mom made her carrot cake. And let me just say there is no comparison to mom's carrot cake. It is awesome.
A lot of my friends came out and I thought about how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life. High school friends, InterVarsity friends, friends from both churches I went to, book club friends, the friends I got from my marriage, and my parents came too. It was a weeknight, so we only ended up playing 1 game but it was fun. We call it Trifecta: first round catchprase, second round charades, third round password. My favorite round is the charades.
I can't remember which one this was
Matt about to do his clue
Jenna, I think hula-hooping, I love her face and her hair swinging around
Angela doing something
This is pretty much the only other one I remember because I was laughing so hard. First my dad pointed to my friend Angela sitting next to him, and then he pointed to himself as he was making this face, and it was Beauty and the Beast.
I don't remember mom's either, but I like how happy she looks :)
I didn't take this picture until after a bunch of friends went home :( but here was some of the gang.
And even though I specifically said no gifts I still ended up with some pretty good loot! A fun new game, dark chocolate from 2 different friends, 2 bags m&ms from another (people know me so well!), movie passes (I open up this gift card and it has the picture of popcorn on it, and I say something stupid like wow that's going to be a lot of popcorn to eat, and my friend was like, you know you can use it to actually watch a movie too, lol, well played subliminal messaging giftcard!), an amazon gift card, that Warm Bodies movie I loved, that other movie Pitch Perfect I loved, a concert ticket, a white summer scarf, earrings and a necklace from my parents. Really funny and also the sweetest cards. People were way too generous to me.
Then I stuck around for awhile after, helped Liz clean up, watched a Dexter, talked and prayed with her.
As I drove home I just felt really thankful for all the good friends God has blessed me with, and I feel really hopeful for the future!
me & Jill!


  1. Sounds like a great time! It was great to see all the familiar faces in the pictures. :)

    I can just picture dad making some sounds (illegally, though you probably allowed that since it was your birthday and you always make sounds) of a Beast.. lol

    1. ...hum hum... shudder at my paw!! ...hum hum...

  2. I'm ONLY allowing you to post that pic of me because it's your birthday and it makes you laugh. Honored to have spent your special day with you and I LOVE the trifecta!!!

  3. Oh and as much as I loved your chocolate peanut butter cupcake, your mom's carrot cake was Ah-maze-ing!