Thursday, August 8, 2013


The problem with infrequent blogging is then there is so much to talk about and then there is no theme!
I already talked about my birthday, and 32 is so far, so good. I got to clear my dresser of the Valentine's day cards and line up all my bday cards. There were some super good ones, and lots of love and encouragement, and this write in from my dad, "I'm so proud that set backs have ultimately made you stronger, and more resilient, our happy Anne Marie is back, and I love it!" Oh My Gosh. Tear jerker!
wonderful cards and tons of chocolate (it pays for all your friends to know the specifics of your chocolate obsession! :))
and a couple more a few days later
note the m&m bag is mysteriously missing...
My bday necklace, thanks mom!
August 6th would have been my 3 year anniversary. This year it was just a normal day. Last year I went to the place where we had our reception and I sat on the porch and journaled, and it was actually good and healing for me. This year I packed my journal and planned to go after work. But when it came time, I really didn't feel like it at all, and even if I wanted to, it ended up being a super busy day and I couldn't. And instead I went to the Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert with friends. Very different indeed!
me & my co-worker friend Cristy
me & Jenna
me & Jill
the gang - (I think Nikki is mid-blink and actually not trying to look seductive, haha, this picture makes me laugh, "hey Justin, hey, wink wink")
My 5 year journal is now in the 3rd year, and it is getting interesting looking back. On my birthday I noticed that both this year and last year my friends and I played exactly the same game! That's ok though, I love it :) and when I had my friends over for book club last night, after everyone left I put the day in the journal and saw that exactly a year ago, I had the girl's over for book club, and at that one we had made my audition tape for the Bachelor. So crazy! I'm actually really glad I didn't get on the Bachelor back then, (what was I thinking at 1 wk divorced?!), but it is so weird that exactly a year later I was hosting again and how different things are. Again, God has been so faithful to me.
I made coconut dream bars for my book club dessert
graham cracker crust
coconut milk and sugar
ridiculously hard to open nut bag = disaster
as it was going in the oven.
No final picture, but they ended up quite tasty. I would definitely add a thicker chocolate layer if I were to make them again. Life lesson = ALWAYS add more chocolate!


  1. You are so gorgeous!! Love the necklace your mom gave me. I think it's so cool you have kept a journal for 3 years. You have inspired me to start one!!!

    1. I have a real journal, but write in there much less frequently. I like this 5 year one because it's just little blurbs and so easy to do everyday!

  2. The solution to your blog problem is... blogging more often!

    And for the record, I told you that Bachelor idea was a terrible one!

  3. I love that pic of us!!! Totally snagging it. Best concert ever! And I would say your 32nd year had been super fun for me too!!