Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lizzy B's wedding

My little sister is all grown up! She got married on July 27th.
It was SO nice to see her, hadn't seen her since Christmas and it felt like forever! I miss her.
She came in town the week before and we got busy helping her with the wedding decor.
We had plans to go out to Coyote Joe's for her bachelorette party, but it was already really late, and we knew we had to wake up early to drive to the other side of the state, so instead we went and got icecream and talked at our favorite icecream place.
Joel and I had both worked there during high school, and we reminisced and laughed over all the jobs we had. Elizabeth by far had the most food jobs: pizza maker at 2 places, subway, Vlassic pickle factory, but was denied to work with us at the icecream place. Boo!
Elizabeth and I stayed up and watched What Happens in Vegas and I did her nails and toenails.
The next day we headed over to the west side of the state. We had to stop and get my favorite road-trip snack, coffee icies!
I told Joel we looked squashed up, so he pushed me away
We hung out and had lunch with Elizabeth's other bridesmaid, and then it was time for the rehearsal.
I did her hair for the rehearsal.
Future bride and groom!
Then the bridesmaids and Joel went out to Fridays for more hanging out and getting dessert. It was fun. We came back to the hotel and spent our laaast night in the hotel room as the 3 kids (+ Michelle!). We stayed up a bit and played a fun movie trivia game and some charades. But made the bride get her beauty sleep.
The next morning was the big day.
She's ready!
Now she's totally ready!
The wedding went smoothly. I felt bad because no one remembered the flower petals for the aisle or to blow bubbles afterwards. I saw the flower bag and was thinking about scattering them myself, but then I saw my partner standing by the door and it was already time to go in! So no flowers.
I obviously didn't take ceremony pictures since I was busy holding bouquets, arranging her dress, trying not to lock my knees and faint, etc. It was a short but sweet ceremony. There was one weird moment, after the pastor announced them man & wife and they kissed, I was like 'woooo!' and NO ONE ELSE made a sound. It was so weird. So I started awkwardly laughing and then slowly people were clapping. Get excited people!
The reception was good, the food was good, and I didn't stumble too much during my speech! I'm looking forward to her getting her pics back from the photographer, because I think they'll be good! But here are some I took:
Congratulations Elizabeth and Johnny!! I love you!


  1. Anne, you look stunning!!!! What a good lookin' fam! So fun!

    I can't do Thurs nights for Coyote Joe's, we have small group, boo!!! :(

  2. Hmm, I didn't even notice that awkward moment you mentioned. Probably too busy making sure my wife wasn't about to faint up there! :)