Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Review

Another busy weekend. Clinical on Friday night. I had another good patient and I watched my nurse share her faith with the patient, I thought that was really cool.
Made some eats
Bean and rice enchiladas with green beanies
Next day roasted peppers, onions and garlic and sweet potato fries
made a favorite: tostados. A corn tortilla with refried beans, roasted veggies, cheese, salsa, avocado.. so good
Ate this feast and watched me some Notebook. Good times.
My classmates eat dinner together as a clinical group and this one girl asked me if I was Indian because I was eating a lot of curry that week. (the week of the Daniel fast of course). But I'm surprised she doesn't ask me if I'm Mexican (or Tex-Mexican) because I eat like 90% that way. LOVE IT. I did think that was kind of funny though, I clearly do not look at all Indian, what should I be eating to proclaim my Americanism, hot dogs and cherry pie??
This weekend my cousin had her wedding shower and I drove out there with my mom. It was far away, and we ended up having some really good conversations. It's always good talks with my mom, but these ones seemed especially needed. I had had another hard day about the divorce stuff and it helped to cry to her and talk about it. She continues to point me back to Jesus and remind me that this divorce, although it still confuses me a lot, served a purpose and taught me lessons that I needed to learn. She was like "you're not perfect, I know that for sure, boy I know that..." Then we laughed, okaaaaayyy - I get it! But it's true, I'm not perfect, and will never be - but I am thankful that God doesn't leave us where we are at. And He can use a terrible thing for His good. And I'm thankful for continued healing. Anyway, it was a good weekend and good to spend time with my mom, and my cousins, and aunts. So many women I love and respect.
We played this fun shower game of making wedding dresses out of the used wrapping paper. My group's won, oh yeah. Alas no one posted any pics on facebook for me to steal and post, but it was a work of art.
We talked about marriages and our grandparents and what a beautiful thing love is. For 70 years my grandma took care of my grandpa, and now that she is suffering from dementia it is beautiful to see him cooking for her, giving her breathing treatments, taking care of her. I'll never forget how I watched him lean over and kiss her and hold her hand when she was going in for her leg surgery in December and calling her sweetheart. So sweet. At the shower they read a letter from my cousin's future husband describing how he fell in love with her and their story and you could tell how much he loved her. And even my patient the other day told me his wife of 50 years was now in a nursing home and he said, "I miss that ol' bat." Also sweet :)
Jill went to a women's conference this weekend and we talked for awhile when she came home. I definitely still believe in marriage and love, and I still want that for my life, but we talked about how that is not God's biggest plan for us. We were created not just to be wives and mothers, but for a bigger purpose to love and serve Him. It was real encouraging just to keep walking with Him, keep reading His word, keep seeing what He has for me day by day. What a privilege to figure out what that bigger purpose is!
And in other completely unrelated news, another new year's goal will come true this year - I officially signed up for the Detroit half-marathon! I hope they don't change the route because of that bomb stuff because right now it is so awesome, you run to Canada and back over the bridge and thru the tunnel. What makes me think I can run 13.1 miles I don't know, I've never run furher than 6 miles, but I'm excited to try!!
AND I was reading a blog on Friday with this cool yoga pose and I wondered if I could do it, so I tried at my desk when no one was around, and practiced some more this weekend. Fun! I would totally do more yoga if it was cool poses not just stretching. Yawn!


  1. You can totally do it. Google around and find a half marathon running schedule. It'll help guide your training without ramping up too fast or too slow.

  2. I'm totally impressed at your yoga skills!! WOW!