Friday, April 12, 2013


Little buddy was acting weird the past couple days. I was laughing when I heard Jill call the vet "well he usually sits on a chair in the window and now he's being clingy and won't leave my lap - I know this doesn't sound like an emergency to you, but it is very weird for my dog." Haha. But he was being weird, and trembling, and breathing fast. In humans that is usually very bad. I tried to listen to his little heart with my stethoscope, but all I could hear was him panting. And we took his temperature. Kinda gross. First rectal temp = check. She did take him to the dog er and they said he was fine. But still the next day, so clingy! I was in the shower and I saw the shower curtain being pushed in at the bottom, it really scared me and I actually said out loud, "that better be you Becks because you're freaking me out!" And a few minutes later I was in there drying off and in he hopped! A dog is definitely unnaturally clingy if he hops in the shower to be next to you. Anyway, he seems like today he's back to normal, so that's good. I don't want anything to happen to him!
I passed my super hard class! Woohoo! One 4 week session to go and then summer break. I am looking forward to this weekend. It will still be busy with 2 bday parties, but I am looking forward to sleeping in at least tomorrow! :)

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  1. Thank you for my super awesome card and for spending my birthday with me!!! And I'm glad Becks is ok. I love that little guy!!