Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Summer Dreaming

I’m in my finals week, and then one more 4 week session and then I’m done for the summer! Woohoo! I wish that we went year-round to get done quicker, but since that’s not an option, I am getting excited for the break. There are so many things I want to do! Last night I went with a couple friends to watch the basketball game, their church was showing it on the big screen, and on the halftime break everyone started playing basketball. It was mostly guys and my best friend who has awesome-guy-playing abilities so I just watched. But when the game was on again, and we were losing, and the court had cleared, I went to shoot some hoops. It was really fun!
I never played anything competitively growing up. I’m not sure if it was that my parents worked full-time and couldn't drive 3 kids to 3 different sports, or that they weren't really that sports-minded themselves, regardless, but as a result I don’t really know how to play anything. And now there are not that many options to ‘teach’ adults how to play. Even the rec leagues are people that know how to play already. I already have fears of being picked last and being boo'd off a team, so it's not really the best option.
So anyway, I thought I might look into what the community college offers. I took a tennis class a few years ago and it was really fun and now I know the basics of tennis, so why not basketball or soccer!
There is just so much I want to do this summer:
• Mission trip to Guatemala • Practice at least 500 NCLEX exam Qs • Finish my kiteboarding lessons, if possible • Possible week of volunteering at Cedar Campus (?) • Jill wants to take a trip to DC • Finally take that motorcycle certification class (?) • Join a women’s Bible study/small group • Learn soccer or basketball
So much I want to do, so little time!


  1. Sounds like a fun summer! You need to add on there to come out for a bon fire at our place! :) I'll make you baked ziti!

  2. Are you going to join the women's small group at our church?!

  3. Oh AM, that is totally not true! Mom and dad always made us be in some sort of group sport (against all of our wills, mind you). So it's not that mom and dad didn't love sports - it's that we didn't! What about track and volleyball that you played??

    1. SO TRUE. Dad only made us be in sports so we wouldn't be fatter than his sibling's kids. You know it's true ;) anyway, that was in HS, we never did anything in elementary, well I think you did baseball, but me, nothing.