Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pet Advocate

Not only do I advocate for my patients in the hospital, I also advocate for my fellow roommates that happen to be pets. Becks treat jar had been getting lower and lower (he gets one after he goes #2) and then it was empty. A day went by, and he needed treats! He gets very forlorn if you don't give him a treat after he goes. So I helped him out and made this sign:
Haha, it made me laugh whenever I would look at him.
Anyway, Jill came home that night and she already had stopped by to get more treats anyway, so the sign was unnecessary, except for laugh purposes.
Speaking of pets, so I have a new facebook friend. One of the guys from my program added me today and I looked at a few of his pictures. I guess he's into horses which is pretty cool, I don't really know much about him so I didn't know that. Anyway, there is this picture of him riding a horse and he's smiling and it's a nice picture- and I see someone commented "You both look happy!" It seemed so weird to say that as if it was like him and a girlfriend or something. I thought that was so odd, I mean he looks happy, but his horse just looks like a horse to me. Anyway, made me laugh.

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  1. Ok that horse comment on his FB account made me LOL literally! HA!