Monday, April 1, 2013


One thing I loved about my old church, we would say to each other "He is risen" and the other person would reply "He is risen indeed!" I love that. So true.
This week I had a mini break from class and clinical and I barely did any studying at all. It was glorious. Although it means I will have a very busy week this week. The weekend was still super busy. I went to 2 Good Friday services, then I took Becks up to my friends with me for a "doggy play date" while we watched a movie, Saturday I helped with the Easter setup at my church, took Becks again and we prayer walked around the church, Sunday went to my church for Easter and then up to my parents and had dinner with a couple friends of theirs from church. It was really nice. I did think about Andrew a lot though. Last Easter Sunday he came to church with me - and then on Friday he filed for divorce. So I thought about him this year and wondered if he still felt like he was wanting to come back to church like he had said back then. I just plain old wonder about him. And hope he's ok. I really do pray God will get a hold of his heart again. I think through Him, and Him only, is where he will find what he is looking for. So yeah, still care about him and miss him. Sigh.
I was talking to my mom earlier in the week and she mentioned her love for lemon meringue pie, so I thought I would surprise her with one. It sounded really hard, but the girls at work overheard me talking to her and assured me it was easy to make.
Squeezing and zesting the lemon
Sugar, water, lemon juice, zest, flour, cornstarch
adding in the yolks for the lemony middle, that part was very tasty
beating up the egg whites
I never thought they would, but they finally beat up into the "stiff peaks" as described by the recipe!
so meijer sells two brands of piecrust: pillsbury with lard or meijer with lard :( gee thanks, I figured no one else would care because they were going to be eating ham anyway, but I was not very happy about it. Not that I eat piecrust anyway, but still --- anyway, good thing they come in a box of 2 because the first one I forgot to poke holes in and it puffed up and sank down and was no good for a crust
the finished product!
And off I went to church. Everyone liked the pie, I was happy. I liked my church service, and 30+ people raised their hand to say they accepted Jesus that morning. Awesome! But I did miss the traditional Easter hymns, it's just not Easter without Jesus Christ is Risen Today!


  1. That's funny, I thought about Andrew on Suday too, remembering him coming to church last Easter. I wonder if he found a church?

    Where else did you go Friday? I didn't know you went to 2 GF services? Next year we go together!

    1. I HOPE SO!!!!

      I went to Bethesda with my friends, Rachel said she'd make me lunch before service so that was the clincher :)

  2. Your pie looks amazing!! YUM! And you look so pretty holding your pie! :)

  3. Haha, I just had to laugh at the "He is risen indeed" comment, really just because we said that at church on Sunday and Michelle was like "What did they say?" and I just realized it's easy to forget that some things are like church traditions that I feel are forever ingrained in me, but to others they are like totally foreign. Not that they're bad, just foreign.

    That pie looks awesome, and like a lot of work!
    Says the guy that eats oatmeal for dinner.