Monday, April 15, 2013

Movie Break

Today was one of the few nice sunny days so far of April. But did I take advantage of it? Besides a short walk with Becks, I squandered the sunny day away eating some peanut m & ms and watching Taken 2.
Which was actually a nice break after a very busy weekend. Parent's on Saturday, had to go get my snow tires off and an oil change. It was kind of annoying with the car people asking me permission to do stuff on my car, and when I said 'no' they told me they already did it. I must have sounded really irritated because they ended up giving me a really good deal, but that is terrible business. Will not go there again. Then a birthday party on Saturday and Sunday night. Fun, but busy. And my new 4 week class started today. It's going to be a hard one, arterial blood gasses, waaah??
Anyway, Taken 2--- seriously kidnapped daughter? You failed your parallel parking test 3 times and then the next time I see you - you are driving a stick shift in a high speed chase thru tiny sidewalk streets in Turkey? That is more far fetched than the plot was. But otherwise a fun movie.
Now back to studying!

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