Friday, April 26, 2013

Appreciation Day

The other day was National Assistant's day, and although I'm really a paralegal, my boss celebrated me :) A few weeks ago he said his club was doing a fancy appreciation lunch and he sent me an email about it asking if I wanted to go. I wrote back with one thing:
He was like, "seriously?" and Yes, always Yes.
I used to go every Sunday after church with Andrew, but no one to go with anymore. My cholesterol is probably thankful, but so good.
So he took me there and then later in the day he calls me into his office and gives me this:
So pretty. Some of my favorites tulips, pretty zinnias, some pretty purple thing, and none of the stinky lilies that I hate. And a card that said: "To a great assistant - I guarantee that no doctor or hospital will appreciate everything you do as much as me. Thank you!" So nice. And probably actually true. I hope I'll have the occasional grateful patient, but it seems like most nurses are overworked and under appreciated. Can't wait ;)
Last night I found out my patient lived on exactly the same street as my parents, small world! She was suffering from MS and I just felt so bad, there wasn't much I could do for her. I mostly just sat, and fed her, and let her know she wasn't alone.
This morning when I got to my paralegal job I saw that the door was open to the roof.
It always looks so inviting.
One time I asked the guy if I could climb up there, but got denied. "Too risky". Not sure how, me climbing up there doesn't mean I'm going to run to the edge and jump off. One time I started climbing up there, but just stopped short of peeking my head out. Too chicken I guess. Maybe someday!


  1. Oh my gosh, Garth loves Five Guys! Name the time and we will meet you there!:)

  2. Tom loves 5 guys too and I'm always against it for the cholesterol reasons. But I would to every once in a while!!