Monday, October 15, 2012

weekend update

What a good weekend. Book club Friday night, my friend Courtney hosted. She is becoming famous for her cupcakes and they didn't disappoint. Chocolate malt cupcakes. Usually I don't like malt, but they were good. The frosting was uh-mazing. Saturday I went for a run, hadn't done that since the triathalon but it went good. And enjoyed some Red River for breakfast.
Little buddy wanted some.
But he didn't get any.
(LOVE those fall colors!)
In the afternoon Jill and I went and met my cousin to go contra-dancing. I guess a group of students at U of M host a contra-dance each month. It was Jill's first time and she loved it, I knew she would. I haven't met anyone yet who has tried it and not liked it. Then saturday night we had tickets to the theatre, we saw Haunting of Hill House.
It's about a house that is itself haunted. Jill got me season theatre tickets for my birthday, and the last one we saw was a rollarskate musical Xanadu which was really entertaining and funny. Now, I don't want to say this one was terrible. But.. I knew I wasn't going to really like it pretty much from the beginning where one actress was like "my name is Theodora, just Theodora" (but annoyingly pronounced Theo-DOOR-uh) as she swaggered and swayed all over the stage. One thing that bugs me about the theatre is everything is so exaggerated. I guess that's the whole point really. So, maybe I am a more movies person. At least those people act like normal people not so dramatic all the time. Maybe I'm just not 'cultured' enough - we'll see at the end of the season if I've changed my mind!
Sunday was church, cleaning the condo, and cooking. I made a lot of stuff on Sunday. For lunch I made more butter chicken
With broccoli and peppers. So good. As usual. I also baked a batch of Red River muffins for work snacks. No use posting the recipe since no one else probably even has Red River. But they are good. My mom says my dad fell in love with her for her Red River muffins. And for dinner I made another favorite Crispy Chickpea Bites with sweet potato fries. Yum.
Jill and I finished our Downton Abbys. Nooo! Now we have to wait till January for season 3 to start. But I have really liked this show. Good times.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm jealous of your theater tickets! :) And I want some butter chicken now, yummy!

  2. How did I not know that you watch Downton??? Tom has been getting the season 3 episodes from England. It's ah-maze-ing!!!