Tuesday, October 23, 2012

things I made lately

I finished this little pumpkin hat for my friend's baby boy due anytime now. I hope he likes it!
Last week I made one of my favorites crispy chickpea bites with my friend Liz's jalapeno cilantro hummus and sweet potato fries. Everytime I make these I rue the day I gave Andrew the food processor. It was a blender/food processor combo, and I had just got my new blender so I didn't want to be piggy and keep them both. But he probably never uses it, at least the food processor part I'm sure, and now I have to use Jill's crappy mini chopper. Oh well. Maybe I'll start saving up for a food processor.
Last night I made stuffed peppers and they were SO GOOD. I found a recipe where you don't have to brown the beef first, bonus! So I just parboiled the peppers, stuffed in a meatloaf type mix, topped with sauce, and baked. They had to share a pan with some of mom's garden beets to roast, but they were amazing.
This is the recipe I used, I just used canned sauce, no need to bother with making your own. Plus it says 10 mins for prep time, no way would it only take that few minutes with finding and opening all those jars and plus you have to boil the peppers and mix the meat too. Anyway, delicious.

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  1. That pumpkin hat is to die and the stuffed peppers look delish!!