Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cooking Disaster

A moment of silence for Jill's plastic bowl (at least I think it was a bowl)
I forgot that our oven in the condo doubles as storage space. Whoops! It was quite smoky when we opened the oven and I burned my hand, twice!, trying to peel molten plastic off my good calphalon pans that were also storing in there. Luckily we discovered it peeled off nicely when it had cooled a little.
I felt so bad. I opened it up and screamed 'oh no!' and ran for the fire estinguisher. Jill just came over and saw it and laughed. So it was ok. But I felt bad. I sometimes feel like a bull in a china shop in her house. The other day I was painting my toenails on her wood floor (something I have done on carpet for years problem-free!), and she came home and started talking to me, and of course I then knock over the bottle and spill it everywhere. I have dropped a lot of stuff, banged into walls, kicked over a fan, just turned into a super clumsy person. It's awkward. I remember my brother once said he had a friend that he would always turn bumbling around when he was over, and he'd say 'I'm not usually like this...*fumble bumble*' (at least he would when my friend would re-enact the story, lol, sorry Joel)
Anyway, tonight I had everything ready for girl's coming over for our Christian book study and they cancelled! :( Not the hugest deal to reschedule, but I definitely wouldn't have stayed up last night making cookie dough (altho it was delicious) if I knew we were going to reschedule. Looks like I've got a huge crock pot of Beef Stroganoff to polish off!
Maybe while I eat it, and pack for this weekend's trip to Rhode Island (for the last cousin wedding of the year, finally!) I can drink one of these:
I finally found a 'beer' I actually like! Woodchuck Cider - the fall version - super good. I do like Bud Light Lime too, but I feel that admission gets even more laughs than the cider beer. Anyway. It's good, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!


  1. Beers gross... don't feel bad about liking hard cider better. Also, I the oven thing is pretty funny but I know I would have reacted the same way you did.

  2. Hahaha that first picture made me laugh out loud. I'm awkard too! I almost always trip when I'm walking in the sub with Garth and I just blame it on my shoes! And I'm always dropping stuff, aye aye aye!
    Have you tried Shock Top's Raspberry Wheat Beer? It is pretty sweet and delicious! It was the first beer I ever liked!

  3. Don't be ashamed, I also love hard cider and like Bud Light Lime (way better than regular bud light).

    And yes, I remember a particular story where my friend was over and I knocked over some of the shovels that dad used to precariously lean against the wall by the door in the garage. As they all fell over like dominos and I tried to catch them, I then stepped on a garden hoe which, of course, goes flying forward and smacked into the van. hahahaha. I think that was the particular time I had to say "I'm not usually like this" lol, good times :)