Monday, January 30, 2017

3 month update

August is 3 months!
He's doing great. Still eating well, slept 7 hours last night, and is generally a pretty happy guy.
We have been doing the cloth diapers since 6 weeks or so, I forget, and it is going good. I have to do a load of diapers maybe every 2-3 days, so that's not bad, it's easy. The only problem is his diaper pail was too small to hold more than a days-worth. So we still use that pail for the disposables he wears at night, and then just have a trash can in the corner of his room with a wet bag liner, but it doesn't close so by the 3rd day it is smelling pretty ripe in there! I could've gotten a trash can with a lid, but since I wanted it to fit between the wall and dresser none of them were wide enough. Oh well.
I went back to work last week. One day he was with my mom, and the past weekend he was with Daddy. Everyone did great. I came home and Doug had kept a little chart of when he ate and slept and then the next day it was pretty close within a half hour! So today I tried to keep one, but he's super off. He was only sleeping 45 mins for Doug, and it just hit 2 hours over here for me. Every day is a bit different!
He hasn't gotten any colds again, and he's made it to 3 months without getting Pertussis so we are pretty thankful for being out of the super dangerous window and feel ok about our decision to delay his vaccinations.
I wish he liked to cuddle more, I try wearing him in the Ergo but he's not super excited about it. So then bought another carrier (since my Ergo won't let baby face out) I almost like this one more and it was only $25. But he still doesn't last too long in it either.
it looks like he's trying to see how he looks in the camera :)
His neck is pretty controlled now, he's been sitting in his Bumbo chair
He was going to town gnawing on that thing.
Still fits in his 0-3 month clothes, all the torsos are a little too short for the cloth diapers but we're making it work. Maybe someday I'll either make or buy some of those onesie extenders.
That little hat! When Doug and I got the gender test results back at about 9 weeks we had the nurse leave it in a voicemail, then we went to Baby Gap and picked out a pink hat and a blue hat, asked the cashier to listen to the voicemail and then ring us up for the right gender while we weren't looking. Then we went out to dinner and opened the bag, that's how we found out we were having a boy. Seeing that little blue hat in the bag that day, and now seeing it on my precious baby boy, oh the feelings!!
He's such a cutie.
2 cuties! I'm very blessed.
I'm starting to see the resemblance to his daddy in the eyes/eyebrows, took me awhile to see it.
So anyway, we are all doing very well :)

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