Sunday, January 1, 2017

A look back at my 2016 goals

How I did on my 2016 goals:
- finish out my BSF Bible study strong. I wanted to join this study but I never want to do the homework and most of the time don't want to actually go to the study! Altho I am always happy when I'm there. I finished the Revelations study and am now in the BSF study of the gospel of John. I still feel the same, sometimes not wanting to go, but I do think it's definitely good for me.
- read the entire OT straight through. Fail. I only made it through Numbers.
- re-do the front landscape in our yard. Done!
I finished this project last May. We'll see how it held up over the fall/winter. I'm sure I'll need to re-mulch. I'm hoping to have better luck and further growth in the spring, especially with my boxwoods, hydrangeas, and peonies. Doug is really wanting us to move next year, so goodbye all my hard work! It really takes years to develop a garden.
- passport stamp!! Doug and I are in the early trip planning stages. Yes! We went on a 12 day trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, resulting in 2 passport stamps :)
- do a devotional guide several evenings a week with Doug either over dinner or before bed. Boo, another fail. We really need to do this. Although, starting Tuesday Doug and I will be taking an Apologetics course together through the Detroit Bible Institute, so that will be good.
- finish a couple books that I am only halfway through: Emotional Spirituality, Made to Crave, and some marriage ones I have on the nightstand. Geez, maybe next year I should look at these goals more often so I don't forget about them all! I did read some in each of these books, but I don't think I finished any of them.
- find a church to attend and get involved in together, preferably in the first half of the year. Ok, we are at least closer in this decision. We have been attending a church we both like and are getting a lot out of the messages so far, it's not perfect, but it seems pretty good.
- And probably like many others, I would like to lose about 5lbs. I feel healthier and have more energy at that lower weight. Oddly enough, I think I met this goal. First gained 25lbs while pregnant, but lost 30, so guess I did that. I still want to stay consistent with exercising and eating healthier more whole foods and plant based meals in 2017.
Overall 2016 was a great year, of course with the biggest blessing being the much hoped for pregnancy and birth of our son August. We also dreamed and planned together for our future, traveled, had dinner and game nights with friends and family, Doug earned his 4th Associate's Degree, and I am 4 classes away from my BSN. I am excited for all that 2017 holds!

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