Friday, January 20, 2017

a week of vegan meals

Started the week with a week of vegan meals. August has been spitting up a lot, and Liz thinks it's dairy. So why not try a dietary change? She had given me a recipe book of 1000 vegan recipes for my birthday and I hadn't even made one. It was a cookbook with no pictures, crazy right?! We eat with our eyes first, but I cracked it open and tried a couple.
This was an African-inspired stew over couscous. This was delicious.
This was the Jamaican-inspired stew, again over couscous. It had coconut milk, so it was smooth, but the African one tasted better I thought.
A recipe from Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet, ginger baked tofu. Meh. I like tofu when the Thai restaurants make it, but I cannot duplicate this apparently. Doug actually liked it more than I did.
I made another of hers a fried Udon noodles with cabbage, but it had a lot of paprika in it, and I guess I don't really care for paprika. Neither of us wanted the leftovers so that one went into the trash.
Side of berries. That Fresh Thyme grocery store, when they have deals, they have good deals!
A favorite from Oh She Glows, butternut squash black bean burritos with avocado.
And another tasty recipe, Spicy Vegan Potato Curry. So good.
But did it help with the spit up? I don't really think so. It just seems like some days he spits up a lot, some days hardly at all. And I don't understand this: I nurse him at night and he goes right back to sleep and almost never spits up? So I think it can't be food related. Plus isn't my milk dairy? ... anyway...
Today some of Doug's old co-workers came over for lunch, I made non-vegetarian chili and cornbread. And little August dressed up to watch the inauguration of President Trump. Now a lazy afternoon awaits us, a last chance to relax before I go back to work next week! :(
Whats the deal with these protesters?! So brave in their masks and vandalizing streets and cars, smashing in the windows of a Starbucks?! What does that even have to do with not liking Trump? Way to be responsible citizens. What happened to peaceful demonstrations of MLK and Ghandi? I was in the anti-abortion march in DC one year and all we did was march and show up. Nothing like this. Geez, here's hoping for better things ahead for our country. And there ya go, there's a guy in a Free Hugs t-shirt, that's the kind of US I want to live in. Anyway.
Back to food real quick, nursing cravings are more serious than pregnancy cravings!! Last night I tried to get Doug to go get me a chicken tender, however, my craving was not taken as seriously unfortunately, and by the time he said he'd go get it for me, the restaurant was closed! However, it was funny, he was pretending to be on the phone with them.. "oh Chicken Shack, you closed at 9:45 (it was 9:46), oh what's that? Your chicken will taste even better tomorrow?" It was pretty funny I have to say.

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