Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 goals

I started writing this post in the end of December, then Kelly's husband died and I've been so brokenhearted for her. I still am, and I still just cannot believe he's gone.
When I think about things from that mindset a list of goals just seems so piddly. However, here I am, and if I'm not intentional, this whole year will pass me by. So I do have some 'goals':
- Plan vegan dinners 2-3 times a week
- Take a trip together. I really want to go to Acadia National Park in Maine. We are thinking maybe early October for a fall colors tour. However, a 15 hour road trip with a one year old? We shall see...
- Finish reading the Old Testament.
- Breastfeed August to 12 months.
- Memorize one scripture passage per month.
- Goal together with Doug, turn this house into our first rental property, and find a new house to move into.
- Spend as much time holding August as possible.
- Hug Doug whenever he wants.
This year I just want to be more intentional about everything. I struggle with being a task oriented versus people oriented person. I find my mind often just thinking about my to-do list and not really on stuff that really matters, people, relationships, what God has for me. Sometimes Doug hugs me and I just half-heartedly hug him and then go off to fold laundry or do something else. And he notices. He's told me, 'someday I'll be gone and you'll miss this'. Ouch. And I know he's right.
And all too soon this little boy will be grown and won't want to be kissed or nap on his mama's chest. I need to be present now.
Last year a friend asked me to think about a word and a verse for 2016, this is what I chose:
But did I do it? I don't really think so. I am thankful for what the Lord has done in this past year, however, I don't know if I've really felt gratitude deep down in my soul. And I want to. And that verse, I want to fully trust God and be so rooted in Him.
Overall this year I want to be more intentional. I want to think on that word and verse daily until it sinks in. I want to meditate on God's word and have it take root in my life. I want my husband to know how much I value and love him. I want my son to know I'll come when he needs me. I want my friends to know I care and want to live life together. I want to be a smart, caring nurse.
This year my word will be grace/gracious. I want to think about this word and have it become a part of my daily attitude and actions. And my first Bible memory verse is John 1:14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

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  1. Love your verse for the year and your goals! I'm so guilty of not enjoying every loving hug or being on my phone when G is talking to me, makes me cringe just typing that! Here's to being more intentional with you this year and savorig every moment of this awful beautiful crazy almost magical life!