Saturday, February 4, 2017

weekend update

Sometimes being married means you come home and see your husband has purchased something for the house:
not that it can't be useful tho...
This week had a couple food fails in it:
this was a crockpot coconut quinoa that was super blah
these were 'black bean noodles' found at Aldi and made into a coconut curry (am I sensing a coconut curry theme!?!) with peppers, but the noodles altho full of protein were the consistency of rubber bands and pretty much tasted like it too
Some good things this weekend:
pancakes for family breakfast (altho a fail compared to my dad's delicious pancakes)
I keep buying fruit at the beginning of the week for Doug's lunches, but then it's never ripe until the weekend! So we had fresh pineapple. And the bananas got too ripe again, which I don't mind because then I make another loaf of the vegan banana bread, so good!
Also new spring kitchen towels :)
This evening we are going to a friend's for a visit for her bday, then Doug is having his friends over for a bonfire. We don't have superbowl plans so looking forward to just a day home relaxing.
And of course, some pics of August:
When he doesn't have one and/or both hands in his mouth he is now taking a binky. I like the binky, I also like he can use his hands when the binky falls out so he won't be one of those babies who screams when it falls out hopefully
Doug likes this cheap mustache one, I prefer the expensive organic rubber one haha
this 'sunny day family walk' was very short-lived, too cold!
cutie pie!

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