Tuesday, February 21, 2017

weekend update

Last weekend I worked. I caught August's cold and just felt m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. Sunday morning I was dawdling around the house and looked at the time and I needed to leave 10 minutes ago. Luckily Doug (and August) hopped in the car and sped me over there, saving me lots of time parking and walking in from the employee parking lot. I made it through the weekend alright, but there was one point where I was sitting in the manager's office pumping, sneezing, coughing, and got a nosebleed. It was a low. I emerged from the office all disheveled with a bloody tissue hanging from my nose. Who wants me to take care of them?!
Doug came to the hospital in the afternoon to drop me off some cough drops and he put some reese's hearts in there for me. Such a sweet guy. Drove 3 times to the hospital for me that day total.
Anyway, now I have several days off. August and I walked yesterday outside it was nice, but after a day or so to get caught up at home I start to get bored again. Making plans with a couple friends.
Speaking of breastfeeding, I hit another mark on what I imagine is a 'breastfeeding mother's list'. I already checked the box of nursing while using the bathroom, today's was nursing while answering the door. (I honestly thought the mailperson just dropped something off and rang the doorbell, but she was still standing there waiting for a signature when I opened it). Still to hit on the list: rude breastfeeding comments (haven't gotten any of those yet), and nursing on a plane. That second one should be reached in the fall as I just ordered our plane tickets to visit my sister over Labor day. Yay!! I hate my siblings being so far away. We all saw each other for Christmas, but there's no other plans to see them, as of yet, for 2017. So at least I'll see her. My brother is building a new house, so I thought if I can handle August alone with me on a plane, maybe we'll go out there end of the year.
Recent pics:
When mom wears a baby:
when dad wears a baby:
owwwz my neck!
baby blues
August rolled back to front now so I stopped swaddling him at night. Then he hasn't done it again. He's still in the side-sleeper but it's starting to make me nervous every night. We put one of those crib bumper things (the mesh one) around his bed so he couldn't roll into the crack or onto our bed, but I woke up last night to see him on his side with his face pressed deeply into it and I panicked. (He was fine.) So Doug put books under 2 legs so he'd slant towards the other way. It's just not ideal. But still waking up 2-3x a night, so I still want him close rather than me having to walk down the hall several times a night... I don't know. Baby problems.

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