Wednesday, August 31, 2016

33 weeks - babymoon!

Doug and I went on a weekend getaway to South Haven and Saint Joseph for our babymoon. Our trips are usually jam packed with hikes, camping, sightseeing, etc, and this time we just wanted a chance to getaway and relax. It was really nice. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and slept in, went to the beach, walked along the coast, shopped in cute stores, read in hammocks, watched tv and movies, and of course ate too much.
Doug dug me a 'belly hole' so I could lay on my stomach.
A couple times I could hear moms answering their kids "because she has a baby in her belly" so that's kinda awkward
a few pics of our B & B
private screened porch off our room
Weight gained: 13 lbs
How I'm feeling: Short of breath. Out of shape. I've now been having the insomnia they talk about. So frustrating. And nightmares. I have this reoccurring daydream/ actual nightmare that I'm at work and something happens like I fall down a flight of stairs or last night dreamed some family member shot me and then I have this logistical problem where I don't know if I have to try to run to the ER or if I should run to the birth center. Both in opposite directions and probably too far for me to run if I was hurt. Anyway, it really bothers me, I think I will ask at my next appointment for some 'emergency' suggestions.
Not much else going on. We may try to squeeze in one more mini trip up North, long car rides don't seem to bother me yet, so I'd like to try to go. I'd be 35 weeks when we are looking at going, so hopefully still feeling mostly good. Otherwise doing good and looking forward to a bit of cooler weather and being closer to meeting him!


  1. Love South Haven! Looks like you guys had a blast! Where did you stay? Where did you eat?:?

    1. It was nice :) stayed at Martha's Vineyard B&B, it was good but honestly the breakfasts were too rich! I know it's supposed to be a treat but 2 days in a row upset my stomach, lol. We went to the bar/grill (forgot name already!) wasn't great. But also like Clementines and Taste.

  2. I thought that was Martha's! We stay there too and love Clementines and Taste!