Wednesday, August 3, 2016

29 weeks - & Our Baby Shower

Weight gained: 11.5 lbs
Symptoms: Same. So my mom's official opinion is that my belly button pain is from where I had my belly button pierced and now the old hole is like slitting open from the pressure against the inside of the belly button. Ouch! Can that really happen?! Who knew 18-yr-old Anne's belly button decision would cause her such pain now! :(
Birth prep: Last hypnobirthing class tonight. It's been kinda nice to practice relaxing together. Still no decision on the doula. Doug has been concerned about being made to feel unnecessary as my coach/birth supporter if we had one. I think a doula's main job is to support mom but sometimes that means behind the scenes so dad can do his job as coach. And other times to give dad a break to go to the bathroom, eat something, or sleep. Still not sure. And since I'm the midwife route now anyway (as long as don't turn high-risk) a friend said they too provide a lot of support and she didn't feel a doula was necessary. We did decide to do placenta encapsulation. Also on the fence is maternity photos. I've seen so many beautiful shots on other people's blogs, but I'm not sure, I'm leaning towards saving the money for newborn pictures or family pictures.
Doctor's appointments: My appointment today my midwife said my weight is fine, I'm measuring at 30 wks, and I got my glucose test done. Anxiously awaiting the results! Hope that will be ok. No diabeetus for us thanks.
Baby shower
Last weekend we had a lovely shower thrown by my mom, best friend's mom, sister and a couple friends. I was starting to get bummed because so many people couldn't make it, as seems to happen with summer events, but we ended up with a nice amount of people and in some ways it was even better because then I could talk to everyone.
Some party shots:
We ate yummy brunch foods of mom's tasty Betty's eggs, french toast casserole, pumpkin and banana sweet breads, a yogurt parfait bar, fresh fruit, and homemade cupcakes. And played a couple games of Bible baby name trivia, the string around the belly game, and baby bingo. Doug and I received so many generous gifts.
Including two handmade quilts.
This one is from a lady at my parent's church. So cute! I love the colors, it looks just like something from etsy, and in the quilting are small details like baby bottles, rattles, and rubber ducks.
And a beautiful quilt made by my Aunt Judy. I love this outdoorsy theme, and the rabbit and squirrel at the bottom have fluffy tails!
so cute.
And as someone who has made quilts I can appreciate the time, money, and effort. What beautiful treasures for my baby, I feel so special.
And finally, a picture of Doug being "attacked" by the raccoon puppet:

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