Friday, August 19, 2016

Sweet Doug

Yesterday was a pretty busy/bad day at work. I hate when I have 6 patients, everyone gets gypped on their care I feel like with meds being late since all the meds are due at the same time and it is physically impossible for me to be in 6 rooms at the same time; and me having no real firm grip on the doctor's plan for the patient since I have no time to read doctor's notes. I hate those days. There is a small satisfaction in knowing you did your best to time manage and still make it through the day, but it just seems more manageable with 5 and then I have some hope of having a conversation with a patient and/or being able to look into stuff for them. Anyway, when I went for my breakfast break (at noon) I texted Doug that if he really loved me there would be a box of cheez-its at home waiting for me after work. And then, hours later when I walked out to my car I see this:
He had found my car in the parking lot (which is no easy feat in itself) and brought me cheez-its, a coupon for a free sub for dinner, and even printed me directions to the place. So thoughtful. Later he told me he had to go to 5 stores because he couldn't find any cheez-its. The dedication!!
Today is his Friday off and we did an exercise video together. (He won't do the girly ones, which is fine, but I have a good weights one led by a man and he'll do that with me sometimes) love that we can do it together! Had breakfast together, and then he mowed the lawn while I vacuumed, and we did some organizing in our 'junk room'. Which always makes me happy to have things neater.
Then I made a quick lunch
Morningstar spicy black bean burger, mmmm, and fresh beans, tomato, and zucchini from mom's garden. So tasty. My garden seems to be a sad failure. I just don't understand. My tomatoes got a bunch of splits on the sides and then I'm afraid a fly was laying eggs in there or something. Out of 4 zucchini plants I got only 1 zucchini weeks ago, the others blossomed but never made any more fruits, and now one plant shriveled away. So sad.
Anyway. Tonight Doug and I and some of his friends are off to the dream cruise. Should be fun!

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  1. That lunch looks so good! My tomatoes got that weird split in them too! Feel like my garden soon turned into puppy's toy bin, as I find dried, split cherry tomatoes scattered amongst her favorite play areas. Oh well, it did save me out of a jam once or twice when an impromptu recipe called for a little tomato or I needed it for a salad.