Tuesday, August 9, 2016

30 weeks

8-12 weeks to go??
Weight gained: 12 lbs
How I'm feeling: A little more tired these days. The baby kicks occasionally catch me by surprise with how strong they are and/or uncomfortable when he's doing a full twist or whatever is happening in there. You can see the belly moving from the outside, freaky! I'm also feeling on the frumpy side. I had ordered all these maternity tops from Old Navy back in May when they had a great deal, I ordered my normal size medium, but they are too big in the top/shoulders. So that's a bummer, I was just trying to take advantage of a good deal and be prepared, but now it's too late to exchange. Oh well, there is still a lot of room in the belly so that's good. I can still get away with a few of my regular clothes too so that's nice.
Cravings: Same, fruits. I've been wanting to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies lately, but Doug has forbidden me from eating any more of the raw dough and so that really stomps out most of the craving. Everyone knows the dough is the best part!
Purchases: We bought the cloth diaper covers from the natural baby store. I've read I can get by with 8 covers for baby from 8-35lbs. That was about $112. We still need to buy the cloth inserts which you need more of and will probably cost another $90. We plan to do cloth diapers during the day and at home, and then disposables at night and when baby is being watched by someone else. So hopefully that will save us some money and be better for the environment. We shall see.
Workouts: Still mainly alternating my 2 strength workout videos with walking on the incline treadmill. Sometimes I do the prenatal barre video or look up a prenatal youtube yoga. My parents got me one of those big exercise balls for my birthday so that's been good to have and will also be handy for laboring.
Praise reports: My test results came back, no gestational diabetes! Yay! I guess 1 in 10 women get it so you never know. But I am thankful for that. My hemoglobin was a little low so I've been trying to eat more iron rich foods, but otherwise feeling pretty good still.
Nesting: We've been putting away stuff from the shower and the nursery walls are done! The room is smaller than I was imagining when planning my layout so I'm having Doug move things around constantly to see what I like. Hopefully it will come together soon. Can't believe a little baby will soon be in there!


  1. Would love a post on how you decided what to register for/what baby items you need. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and just starting to look and overwhelmed by the amount of options! And trying to stay on a budget!

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I don't know if I could write a whole post about it, I just mainly read some of those "10 must haves" etc lists, looked at friends registries, and went off what I thought I would use most. We have a small house so I wanted just the basics and didn't want to ask people to buy me super expensive stuff either, so some stuff we just planned to get ourselves like the crib, furniture, etc. We picked Amazon because they have everything and Babies R Us b/c they are cheaper than Buy Buy Baby and some people like to go to a real store and they had a fair amount of stuff. We didn't register for clothes because people always will get you some anyway and I figured I'd be getting the bulk second hand at some point. And also figured my mama friends would tell me their favorite things or just get those for me too and that sometimes happened too. I put some dream stuff on my list anyway, but pretty much stuck with practical gender neutral stuff. Good luck!